How California are you?

There are many people who claim they are from california but are you really a californian? You think you know enough about California? Take the test and find out.

Are you a true californian? How much do you actually know about California? Put on your chuck taylors and let's put it to the test and find out if you are a true californian.

Created by: lucky
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  1. You love the song "California Love" by Tupac and Dr. Dre and feel that song was meant just for Californians.
  2. You've been to at least one Hot Import Night or Extreme Auto Fest car show or low rider car show
  3. You may not be Mexican but you understand a little spanish (well at least the bad words that is).
  4. The highest crime rate is in the following cities (per capita)
  5. which city has the highest rate of stolen cars?
  6. Do you own an import vehicle?
  7. You've own chuck taylors since you were 7 years old
  8. You're hair color is Platinum blonde
  9. You love to surf or skate board
  10. Your favorite show is Laguna Beach or the Hills
  11. You watch "Friday" and still crack up
  12. You watch "pimp my ride" and recognize the neighborhood and people on the show.

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Quiz topic: How California am I?