How Fresno, California Are You?

Tri tip is an important part of the Fresno culture! Do you know where it comes from? Fresno California is a diverse rural/urban community which prides itself on being an All-American city... Test your Fresno Cali skills here at this test!

Find out how Fresno, Cali, you are! Then come visit us! We are conveniently located between all the hip happenings in California! Hip happenings !

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When driving up to an intersection and the light turns red, what do you do?
Red means stop, so of course I would stop.
Red is just a suggestion to stop, so I may slow down... Or not.
If I stopped on a red light, I would be rear ended! I hit the gas, and hope there's not a cop watching!
On say, August 6th at 3:00 pm, your favorite place to hang out with friends is:
We love to BBQ and be outside with nature!
I don't care what we're doing, it better be inside and air-conditioned.
My friends and I aren't around in August, we left for Pismo in April.
When you think of Christmas Eve, you think of:
Snow covered trees, powdered sugar frosted homes, and long underwear under my 7 layers of clothes.
Fog so thick, I can't see my hand in front of my face. I better be home by 4:30 pm to escape the 300 car pile up that is sure to happen on 99.
I always make sure I'm prepared for the Christmas Eve cold, I carry a coat in the trunk of my car, just in case.
99 in the last question was referring to:
The major business street in Fresno.
The most ugly freeway in the whole United States.
The toll express way that runs north south in California.
My mode of transportation is:
A car!
I always use the FAX because it's so conveniently located and easy to use. And of course, the drivers are so friendly!
I ride a bicycle because the city has planned such great bike lanes.
I think it is cold when:
Cold is when ice starts to form on my car in the morning.
I have to start wearing long sleeve shirts.
It's not cold in Fresno, I wear shorts all year long.
Most people who have lived in Fresno, California their entire lives believe that Mexicans and Hmong now make up 97% of the entire United States.
How well do you know downtown?
So well! It's where all the great shops, theaters, and culture of Fresno is! It's the hottest and safest place to hang out in Fresno!
I went there once because I had to pay a ticket.
I've only driven by it on 41 going to Pismo.
When I think of the, "Big, Big, Big, Big, Big... Fresno Fair!" (end song) I think of:
Stinky 4H animals making people sick.
Cinnamon Rolls! Tacos! Roasted Corn Dripping with Butter and Chile Powder!
The fair's awesome, I just make sure I go before the sun goes down.
I think of fun for the entire family.
The what fair?
The nightlife in Fresno is:
Great if you know where to look.
The nightlife is mainly hanging out by the beach.
Completely non-existent, the whole town shuts down at 11:00pm.
When you go to a restaurant, you know it's good because:
It starts with "El" or "Los".
It starts with "El" or "Los".
It starts with "El" or "Los".
It starts with "El" or "Los".
Valley Fever is:
A disco dance!
I feel sick already!
The temperature around the time of El Nino!
The fastest way to work when you have to be there at 8:00am is:
Shaw of course, with the lights timed, it's a breeze getting there!
I take a side street, or I'm an hour late to work.
Herndon of course! The always get the road construction completed so quickly, I know there's nothing to worry about!
I will buy a house when:
Houses are dirt cheap. I already own three.
I have to marry someone who bought their house 10 years ago, or else... It's apartment living for me.
When I win the lottery! An honest working married couple, can barley afford to purchase a shack nowadays.
Fond memories of your youth were spent walking your dog in the fields by your house, biking over dirt mounds in the vacant lot by your school, or playing hide and seek in the Fig Tree groves. That field, vacant lot, and fig tree grove are now:
A luxury car lot!
Apartment buildings!
Office buildings!
A strip mall.
My childhood sanctuary is still there!
When going on a vacation which is too far to drive to, you:
Go to FAT and hope I don't crash on the puddle jumper airplane.
I don't go anywhere I can't drive to.
I drive to San Jose, San Francisco or L. A. To fly anywhere because it's cheaper.
I've never flown in my life. And I've never left California.

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