How Californian are you?

Do you know if your roots are from California? Do you think you are an expert on California? Take the test to see if you are 100% Californian..or a loser from Iowa.

Are you a Californian? Do you think you know everything about this great state? If you think you do then take this's short and fun. Are you a loser from Iowa?

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  1. You have heard the term "Get Hyphy"
  2. How often do you say hella?
  3. You can name at least one city from each area code
  4. You can finish the saying "Thizz is what"
  5. You know what the ghetto is
  6. You are a fan of Mac Dre
  7. You have a friend that is an illegal
  8. You know what 65 MPH really means
  9. Do you circle the parking lot until you find a closer spot?
  10. Do you get annoying interruptions while watching TV that are for the emergency broadcast system testing that go across the top of the screen once in english and once in spanish?

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Quiz topic: How Californian am I?