How Californian are you?

So many people want to be Californian. But little do they know, it takes more than shopping at PacSun to pass as a true Californian. Do you think you have the knowledge of CA that it takes to actually convince people that you have at least BEEN here? See if you do. I, like, TOTALLY dare you!

Let's see if there is anything behind that tan in a can and salon bleached hair. Can you answer these questions that only a REAL Californian would know?

Created by: Momma
  1. What's the best attraction in CA?
  2. Where do Californians go on the weekends?
  3. What do REAL Californians eat throughout the day?
  4. What does a Californian wear in November?
  5. What store do we HATE to be seen in?
  6. What is CPK to us?
  7. Which cities are in the correct order from North to South?
  8. Who is Bruce Brown?
  9. Which CA fact is NOT true?
  10. What geographical aspect is CA missing?
  11. What crops are NOT grown here?
  12. What states border CA?
  13. Which of the following do we NOT have in CA?

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Quiz topic: How Californian am I?