LA Summer Love Story, Part 4: Adam and the Team!

Hey! Welcome to LA Summer Love Story, Part 4: Adam and the Team! In this one, you'll get to spend a little extra time with Adam and his football friends - Todd and Carter.

What will happen when the football guys plan a movie night, and invite YOU? Will you fall for one of the players or stick to your original love? And what about Jayson and Jimmy? Take this quiz to find out what happens! And please check back soon for part 5!

Created by: AddiBabyy
  1. What result did you get on part 3?
  2. Well now, it's a week later. Josh and Tyler are still both on vacation. But don't worry, they'll be back soon!
  3. So, you walk out to the beach one day and see your good friend Adam chillin with two guys you don't know.
  4. "Hey there, beautiful girl!" Adam says to you. He gives you a light hug, then says "These are my football friends, Todd and Carter."
  5. You look at Todd. He's a big 'ol buff dude. Taller AND more muscular than Adam. He's huge, in a body builder sort of way, but not too much. He's got short, light brown hair. The standard football haircut. He's got a pretty cute face. He's wearing a school tee shirt and basketball shorts.
  6. Then you notice Carter. Shorter and thinner than both Adam and Todd, but super duper cute. He's still got some good muscle on him. He has short spiky dark brown hair, and pretty green eyes. He's wearing a yellow tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, and black basketball shorts. He smiles at you shyly.
  7. You all talk for a few minutes, and then Adam says "Oh hey! Todd! We have to help Coach set up for summer training, remember?" Todd nods and says "Oh yeah!" Then Adam says "Sorry to ditch you, ______, but we gotta go. Summer training starts in a few days, and Coach picked a few helpers to help set up!"
  8. Adam and Todd leave. Then Carter says "So, uh, I heard Adam likes you... do you like him back?" You say...
  9. Then Carter says "Well not to be a jerk and go for a girl my friend likes, but... I think you're pretty." You can tell he's blushing, and it's really adorable.
  10. He looks like he's trying to hold back a smile, then it breaks free. It's a very cute smile. He hands you his phone and says "Put your number in? Maybe we can hang again sometime."
  11. He says bye to you, and walks away. That night, you're laying in bed texting some friends, when you receive a text from Carter. "Hey:)" it says. You reply...
  12. The next day, you walk out to the beach, to find Adam, Todd, and Carter AGAIN.
  13. Todd says "Hey, _______, we're planning a movie night! You're totally invited!"
  14. Then Adam adds, "Yeah, I think we're gonna go see that new movie ______! You can invite anybody!"
  15. When you're done chatting with Adam, Todd, and Carter, you keep walking down the beach. Then you see Jimmy sitting alone, against a wall, listening to music. You feel bad for him because he seems lonely, so you decide to go up and invite him to the movies. What do you say to him?
  16. He agrees to go, and thanks you for inviting him. He smiles at you cutely as you walk away. As you continue down the beach, you spot Jayson sitting alone against a wall, smoking and looking kinda sad and lonely. Then you decide to invite him, too.
  17. Jayson scoffs and says "I don't wanna hang out with those football jerks, and I don't know why you'd want to either." Then you look at him kind of blank and embarrassed. He says "But... that's really sweet of you to invite me, and since you're gonna be there, I'd love to go."
  18. A few days later, it's Friday. You're getting ready for the movie, wondering what will happen, and which guy you'll get to hang with. Stay tuned for part 5! And who do you hope you get?

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