LA Summer Love Story, Part 2.

Hey! Welcome to Part 2 of the LA Summer Love Story quiz! If you haven't taken part 1, go take it now. It'll make part 2 a lot easier for you to take.

In LA Summer Love Story Part 2, there's a new guy named Jimmy. He's shy, but super cute! And there's gonna be a dance on the beach called the Summer Ball! Who will you go with?!

Created by: AddiBabyy

  1. What result did you get on part 1?
  2. So anyway, it's two weeks later. You have gotten much closer with all of the guys. Each one of them comes with an amazing and unique personality.
  3. You're sitting on your Aunt Lisa's front porch, when Josh comes walking up with some new cute guy!
  4. "Hey gorgeous," Josh says, "This is my friend Jimmy. He just moved in up the street." You look at Jimmy. He has flippy brown hair, sparkly blue eyes, and a cute shy smile. He's wearing an Angry Birds shirt.
  5. Josh and Jimmy sit down and talk to you for a while. You learn that Jimmy is really shy, and loves video games and skateboarding.
  6. Josh says "Hey (your name), did you hear about the summer ball next Friday? It's some big dance they're throwing at the beach!" You're thinking...
  7. They leave, and you go change into your cutest swimsuit. Then you go out and swim in the ocean. You run into Adam who says "Hey! What's up, pretty lady?!"
  8. Adam smiles at you and then gives you a big hug and tackles you into the water. Then he kisses you on the cheek.
  9. After you're done swimming, you're walking up the beach when you run into Jayson. "Hey sexy mama!" he says jokingly. Then he hugs you, and says "You're beautiful."
  10. You get back to Aunt Lisa's house, and walk inside to find Josh helping her unload groceries. He looks up and says "Hey, (your name)! I was just helping Miss Lisa here!" Then he walks up and hugs you.
  11. That night, you take a walk on the beach with Jimmy. You find out that he played soccer at his old school. "What do you like to do?"
  12. Then you go over to Jimmy's house and you two play Mario Kart together. He wins, and says "So, uh... winner gets a kiss?" You...
  13. The next day, you're swimming with Tyler. He says "Hey so, did you hear about that summer ball?" You say yes. He says "Yeah, what do you think will be most fun about it?"
  14. The next day, you walk out to the beach and find Jimmy, Adam, Jayson, Josh, and Tyler all yelling at each other. "What the heck?!" you yell. Adam looks at you and says "We all wanna go to the dance with you!!"
  15. After that, some buff guy threw a football towards all of you and said "HEADS UP!" so it was never really established who you're going with...
  16. Your result will tell you who you ended up going to the dance with! And stay tuned for part 3!

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