a mysterious love story part 4

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hey everyone, so this is part 4 of 'a mysterious love story' i'm so sorry i haven't been making quizzes in a long time, but now that it's spring break, i will make more sooner i hope!

More drama, and you will have a bit of fun with Josh, the leader of your team (and no not that kind of fun lol) so i hope you will like this part of the quiz.

Created by: VAMPxKITTY
  1. The guys came rushing with a few scratches on their bodies from the shades that were now gone.
  2. They were all in their magical forms, Josh seemed furious, Chris looked worried, Seth looked protective, Adam looked like he was about to explode with anger, and Shawn was hissing loudly at Hermosa, his eyes pitch black.
  3. Hermosa clenched my throat hard that i couldn't breathe, she cackled as i choked and gagged, the guys launched at her angrily, Chris throwing flaming fireballs, Josh summoning up shadows from Hell, Seth making lightning bolts coming from his hands, Shawn controlling wind and pointing it to Hermosa so it would hit her.
  4. Hermosa dodged all of them except the shadows from Josh, the shadows tackled her down and pinned her hands beside her, you gasped and breathed fast and heavily.
  5. Chris came up with scorching hot flames and his eyes had fire in them, Hermosa giggles evilly and vanished, the guys were shocked and angry at the same time, the shadows floated toward Josh, he then nodded then they vanished too.
  6. They all looked at you. ''so as i was saying, what ARE my powers??'' The boys smiled and led you to a lab, it was all white with a huge computer, viles, you name it! ''sit up here Tina'' Shawn said pointing to a bed, so you sat down, Chris took a small needle, Seth held my hand, then Chris inserted the needle into my arm and took some blood, not a lot, just a little, then Josh took the vile that the blood was in and put it in the computer, BEEEEPPP!! The machine printed the results...
  7. All the guys came up to the computer, they were so shocked, Josh turned to you with a smile on his face and a bit of amazement.
  8. ''Tina, your powers are: mind reading,stare of death, strength,pain,freeze time, hypnosis, healing,teleportation,empathy,speed,andd telekinesis..'' you were astonished, you had so many powers..as a princess of two creatures...
  9. ''Woah..lots of powers huh...'' They all nodded...really, how can you learn all..well i just have to get by alright.. ''Tina we will help you on your powers..it's actually quite simple'' Shawn said. You still can't believe this..''we shall start training in the morning when we all are energized'' Chris smirked, the guys all laughed, you just giggled.
  10. Your went up to your room and plopped down on your bed sleepily,but when you were all tangled up in your blankets, someone knocked..''Tina can i come in??'' Josh asked. ''uh sure Josh'' He suddenly came in and sat down on your bed, your straightened up and sat beside him. ''Tina, how are you feeling that you know everything, especially you know all your powers now..'' you sighed and looked down, ''it's a lot of powers i need to learn'' you felt a cold finger below your chin lifting it up, Josh staring into your eyes intensely. ''We will help you, it's not hard Tina, trust me'' you nodded then he helped you up, you were confused, Josh then pinned you against a wall, his hands on your hips tightly, looking down at your lips, biting his own..
  11. ''Tina, i love you, you're so beautiful, funny, nice, and your personality is amazing'' you blushed heavily, he laughed quietly and leaned in slowly, you guys kissed passionately, your arms slid around him,tangling your fingers in his soft hair, it felt like a party inside of you, Josh smiled under the kiss, after a few minutes, you both pulled away ecstatic ''I'm so sorry Tina'' Josh said looking down, untangling from you, but you surprisingly kisses his cheek, '' It's okay'' you smiled wide, he smiled and kisses your forehead ''goodnight, Tina'' after he left you fell asleep.

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