a mysterious love story part 3

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hey peeps, so this part of the quiz is quite intense, because, well...you get to meet the horrible witch, Hermosa herself...and attack her,she is evil :O

so, yea this is basically all i have to say, for this part of the quiz, blehhhhh lol :D, so fun making quizzes....talking randomly now haha ... :/, well yea.

Created by: VAMPxKITTY
  1. ''What's so special about me? I'm just part vampire and fallen angel.'' you said. ''you are not 'JUST', you, Tina, are the princess's of both vampires and fallen angels'' Seth said.
  2. You were in disbelief, ''Tina were telling the truth, and Hermosa gathers energy and power from other supernaturals, but her task is to get your powers and become the most strongest immortal out there, she needs you to complete it, and if she gets your powers...well let's just say, the world is doomed, for the humans, she'll kill every mortal, and turn us immortals into slaves''. You dropped your mouth to a 'O', ''and Tina, that means, your sisters will be gone...forever''
  3. ''But, but...'' you started, your eyes turned blood red and tiny tears started dripping down your cheek. 'Tina, i know this is a lot to take in, but we won't let her come near you or your sisters, we promise'' Chris said ''oh,Tina, when you're angry and protective, your eyes will turn red, like right now'' you ran to the mirror and looked.
  4. You stared in the mirror for about 3 seconds, shocked you walked back to the guys. ''What do we do now guys?...'' keeping your head down, Josh put his index finger under your chin and lift up staring in your blood red eyes. 'Tina, calm down..'' Josh said as he cupped your face with his hands, you gently took his hands off and smiled slightly.
  5. Seth looked worried, Shawn looked sad for you, and Chris looked emotionless while his arms crossed. ''So what are my REAl powers?'' but right after you asked that, shades crashed through the windows, followed by, you guessed it, Hermosa.
  6. ''Well Well Well, i found you finally, my dear Tina...'' she grinned wickedly...
  7. The guys were fighting off the shades, that means your left alone fighting Hermosa. ''I've been looking all around for you Tina, why don't you just give up and hand me your beloved powers'' she asked, but it hardily sounded like a question. ''Over my dead body..'' you snarled. Hermosa grinned very big, and flaming black fire came out of her palms and launched at you.
  8. You dodged the attack, you then saw a knife on the counter of the kitchen, you then sprinted as fast as you can, Hermosa was catching up to you though, and fast.
  9. You finally reached for the knife and just in time too, Hermosa was 3 inches behind you, you ducked and she flew past you, you then jumped on her back, Hermosa growled about to burn you with her flaming hands, but you stabbed her back with the sharp knife.
  10. She groaned in pain, but she just smiled, grabbed onto your shirt and tossed you across the room, you crashed into a glass vase on the table, you made a bloodcurdling scream as glass shards dug deep into your skin.
  11. Hermosa laughed, flew fast towards you, then your eyes turn blood red, Hermosa had the knife that you stabbed into her, she held it close to your neck, you were too weak from the shards ripping your skin, you know it was over for you..But suddenly....CLIFFHANGER!!

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