L.O.V.E part 3 (the end)

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Hello and welcome to the last part of L.O.V.E. I hope you like this part. Eventhoguh this series has reached its end I still have my other serie's soo please take them... The one direction one... Love and Suprises!?, the paranormal one Love!!!!, and the mystery one... The mysterious Forest.

Your story begins now. You decide your future, its in your hands. Luck in all your future endeavors. Please be sure to comment,rate, and share! And thanks for taking!

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Recap: Seriously, this is the last part! Go back and read part one and two!
  2. Liam,Greg,Sam, the guys ive had soo far in my life. It really is a pity, if I had cared about myself more then maybe I would be prettier then just the slightly above average I was now. Maybe. Life was hard on me, my parent's just died in a car accident about a little while ago. I feel weird about their death, i know I should feel sad,but I find myself feeling emotionless. They were never there for me to start with. Always to busy for me. Didn't care about me.
  3. Liam and Gregg apologized for their deceit and being such an awesome person, forgave them partially. "Hate is a waste of energy. Instead focus that energy into doing something better for everyone.Nobody wins when hatred rules there world." (my quote, no stealing it or using without my permission) Due to those wise words I forgave them and everyone who apologized to me after the death of my parents. At my new school with Sam, I finally felt accepted. My life felt like it was worth something.
  4. What about me and Sam? You may be asking. Well, he is now my boyfriend. He is loving,loyal, and everything inbetween. I am now feeling,for once,...true happiness. Sam's parents really started to like me, but me and Sam told them never to adopt me. Because if they did then Sam would be my brother and he can't be my boyfriend and my brother.
  5. Life turned out well. Gregg got dumped, which he rightfuly deserved. He wants to be a lawyer when he gets to college. Liam fully recovered from his fake accident and now has a wonderful girlfriend named Megan. He plans on becoming a teacher, she wants to be a teacher too. What about me and Sam? Well, we are still undecided. Well, we got time!
  6. I made new friends at my new school. Logan, Ren, those are my guy friends and Lissa and Clare are my friends that are girls. Lissa is dating Ren and Clare is dating Logan which of course means we go triple dating a lot. Me and Sam, Lissa and Ren, and Clare and Logan. Life was definetly better.
  7. There were some total jerks along the way like Rebecca, who totally hated me and there was also her crazy bf Tom, he was a huge problem. Sam kept me happy and for the rest of my school years I was a typical teenager. I went to parties dressed in colors other then black,grey, and red and most importantly I was no longer a lone wolf. I had finally found my clan, and felt totally welcome in it.
  8. "Hey Caroline." Said Sam one day. I was 21 and he was too. "Yes," i said excpecting a hug or a kiss instead I turned around to see him down on one knee. He had a ring in his hand,but it didn't matter to me if he had it or not, because I was.. In L.O.V.E. Love! "Caroline Foxwood, will you marry me?" He said. "yes," I replied with no hesitation. He placed the ring on my finger.
  9. He gave me a kiss and then had to leave. We got married and invited everyone to the wedding, who we still had contact with. Clare and Logan were still dating. Ren and Lissa were already married and had one cute little girl named after me... Caroline. So when I had my baby a while later, I knew what to name her. Well, them. I had twins.. one boy and one girl.
  10. I named them Lisa and Alex. They grew up and me and Sam grew old. When Lisa and Alex were in their forties, Sam died. It was lonely,but he never did have perfect health being the rebel he was. I? I lived to see my grandchildren, all five of them. George,Mike, Chris, Louis, and little Marie.
  11. So that is the end of this story. Now is the beginning of yours. Go out there and live life to the fullest, never live in fear or in hatred. I wish you luck. Goodbye!
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