Love and Suprises!? part 5

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Hello and Welcome to the fifth installment of my one direction love story called... Love and Suprises!? I hope you enjoy this installment as much as I did writing it!

Thanks for taking,please comment, rate, and tell everyone you know! I would love to see more peopel taking my quiz! Thanks to those of you who take my quizzes, I thank you and just to let u know your the reason I started to write!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap:Harry asked you out when he already had a girlfriend. Zayn gave him a scar. You cried and then you looked at the guys and realized that you would probably get over it.
  2. You glanced at the guys through your blurred vision you could see concern in there eyes. You saw four figures... Zayn,he came back. You felt like such a horrible person for not believing him and taking things slowly. You ran over there and gave him a hug. He was suprised at first but then he stopped feeling so tense. His embrace was so warm and comforting. It felt soo right."I'm so sorry Zayn. I should have listened." you said suddenly becoming aware that everyone had there eyes on you. "No,I should have said it in a better way." said Zayn. "are you going to be okay?" he said giving that look he is soo famous for. "Yeah." you say. Then you stop hugging him and turn to the guys... they are smiling Louis walks up to you and whispers "Wow,I've never seen people act mushy before." He was joking,but you could tell it was to cover up his obvious dissapointment. You went to the bathroom to clean up.Then went to the living room and sat on the couch.
  3. You turned on the T.V. Harry was on the T.V. "What!" you said your eyes widening. He was at a childrens orphanage helping out. A little girl about nine was hugging him tightly. You found yourself grinning. "Not over him yet,are we?" said Niall who you hadn't noticed wasstanding there for most of the time."No,I am,but I didn't excpect that he liked younger girls too." you said gesturing to the girl still hugging Harry. Niall laughed, it was one of the first times you had actually stopped to hear his laugh. It was totally genuine and pure,and it was contagious,you found yourself laughing too. "Now that was a good one." said Niall trying to muffle his laughter,but failing horribly. "Sorry you had to hear that.." he said obviously talking about Harry and his gf. "Its fine Niall,really,I'm over him. To be honest I never was really into him." You said truthfuly. "Alright,prove it." said Niall crossing his arms in a funny way. "How?" you replied. "By going to the mall with me."he said. "It doesn't have to mean anything,just as friends,unless you want it to be more I won't push it." he quickly added. "sure." you said. "We should take my car." you said remembering Niall and you singing along to the radio a little while ago.
  4. "Guys,me and Niall are going to the mall." you yelled. "Kay." they yelled back in unison. Then you realized something when had Harry driven to the orphanage? You had just left him. Unless you had been crying for longer then you thought. "That orphanage is really close by." said Niall reading your mind. "Oh cool. Anyway, what about your disguise?" you asked. "No disguise today." he said. " Niall,they will know its you! Paparazzi!" you replied. "The mall we are going to is perfectly fine to go to without a disguise." Niall replied. You knew the place,since you were rich. You knew it was one of the coolest malls in California, where the celebrities hung out. (f.y.i. Niall wanted to drive the car) "Cool."you replied staring out the window. Then you decided to turn on the radio. Niall had the same idea. You both reached for it at the same time. Your hands touched only momentarily. You didn't want to move your hand and obviously niether did Niall. You both did at the same time. But,if Niall wasn't driving he soo would have held your hand. Awww! Romantic moment.
  5. You and Niall reached the mall. It was huge. You looked around and you saw Tom Felton chilling with Logan Lerman. "wow." you said. You see, the mall was for v.i.p's only. Niall flashed a v.i.p. card and you both walked in. You looked at Niall then you looked down at your clothes, Dull was the only word to describe them. You spotted an Armani store... 'Niall we MUST get you some new threads." you said grabbing him by the hand. He was smiling. People were looking,but you didn't care. "Alright Katy." said Niall giving in. You smiled even more. "You don't have to if you don't wan to." you said getting serious. "Hey, today is your day. Your wish is my command." he said. "No Niall, I want your opinion. It si NOT my day it is our day." you said. "our day,huh. I like the sound of that. Alright,lets shop to our heart's content." said Niall. You blushed and realized you were holding hands. "Something wrong?" said Niall. "No,nothing at all." you replied. It was by far the most perfect date that wasn't an offical date you had ever had.
  6. You and Niall walked a lot and bought a lot. You guys had a small snack and then continued. Four hours had gone by and you weren't done yet. You and Niall walked into Abercrombie and Fitch (still holding hands)Thats when you saw Harry and his girlfriend. She had sl** written all over her. Whatever,i don't care who that idiot dates. Niall notice your tension and said "do you like me Katy or him?" You stopped walking and thinking about how awesome Niall was you couldn't stop yourself from saying.. "You.Only you." "really? What about Zayn and Louis?" said Niall. "They are awesome people,but I feel so safe when i'm with you soo comfortable and soo natural. It doesn't feel fake." you say. "You want to try to date?" said Niall still shocked. "Yeah. Just to see." you said. "Who do you have in your head now? What are your thoughts? Is it only me or is it still someone else." said Niall. "I'm not sure." you confessed. "Take things step by step." said Niall. "I'm not Harry, I WILL wait until you have only me in your thoughts. I will never ever break your heart,ever Katy." he said giving your hand a reasuuring squeeze before letting go.
  7. "Hm, what about Liam?" you said out loud. "Oh he already has a girlfriend. " said Harry. "Wow, I see you've taken time out of your flirting schedule to come over here." you said. "I see you've already picked up another one. Two actually.You must be on a roll." you said. Harry knew you meant the orphanage. The Harry's girlfriend walked up (Niall was looking at some t shirts.) "Who is that?" she said. "Katy. I'd love to chat but..." You got cut off. Niall put his arm around you posessively. Harry was kinda shocked. "Sorry you had to talk with the likes of THEM." said Niall. "Its fine." you said. "Where are the other guys?" said Harry. "Hm? Its just me and Katy." said Niall. "I see. Got another guy already,Katy. Don't break his fragile heart." said Harry cockily his voice edged with poison. "I'm not a heart breaker like you Harry." you said and grabbing Niall walked away. "Thanks." you said finally to Niall. "What for, nothing I said was a lie." said Niall. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Take that as thanks for being soo awesome and for such a great day." you said.
  8. (you guys were out of abercrombie) Then he did something unexcpected, he kissed you on the lips. You kissed back. You kept kissing until you had to breaak for air. Niall put his hand on your cheek and said "That was for just beacause. And that was totally an awesome excperience." said Niall breathlessly. (You both were in the part of the mall that had very few people,if any shopping there. It was a bunch of weird stores.)Niall dropped his hand and said "When is your birthday Katy?" You caught your breath and then told him. (it was within that week) "We'll go celebrate it together. Just the two of us,really soon." said niall. "Sounds good." you said. Then you both kept walking and shopping.
  9. You and Niall then left the mall, and had some Olga's for lunch. It was a pretty awesome day. You felt really happy. You had only just met Niall,but you felt lke you had known him longer.You both got 'home' and walked inside. You found Harry looking kinda angry standing near the entrance pacing. "niall can I talk with Katy for a bit. Alone." said harry. Niall reluctantly said okay he looked at you and you could see him mouth the words "be careful." Now it was just you and Harry, you both decided to walk into the living room so you weren't at the doorway. You felt kinda scared of harry and disgusted at the same time.
  10. Cliffhanger! Comment,rate,and share!

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