Love and Surprises!? Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of my one direction love story... Entitled Love and Surprises!? This part took me a while to think up and took a lot of time to write. Sorry for the delay.

I would love to thanks everyone who took part one and everyone who takes all my quizzes. I have 35 up, if you include this quiz! Please tell your friends about this quiz. I think that because of the title nobody knew that it was a one direction love story so please comment, rate, and share with your friends.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: Your name is Katy West. You have a younger sister named Mitchy and an older brother named James. Just this morning Mitchy told you some importanat news. You finally arrived at school. Read on to find out the rest...
  2. You park your car and turn off the radio. The song that was playing at the moment was... "I want u back" by Cheryl Lloyd. You stepped out of your car only to be swarmed by a boatload of popular wannabes. Today though you managed to give them a polite smile and then tell them to give you some space. "People, I can't breathe if you don't give me some space. They did move, but they in fact ran away. "Must be that one direction is coming this way." you mumbled under your breath.
  3. You see, you were a fan of the band, but you weren't of fan of how they acted like any girl in the world would swoon at the sight of them. You wanted to be one of the first people to not be "easy" You then promptly grabbed your bag and walked off in the direction of your locker. You opened your locker and noticed red hightops under poking out from behind the open locker door. You ignore it. You continue to grab your stuff and then you shut the locker door and come face to face with...
  4. Your POv: I close the locker door and come face to face with Harry Styles. "Ello, curly." I say in a fake, but pretty convincing british accent. "You have a stunning accent, I do wonder though what your real voice sounds like." says Harry with a cheeky grin. "Well lets keep you guessing, curly. I am off to class." I say and turn my back to him. As I walk down the hallway I seem to be getting constant glares, what's wrong? Then I finally realize it... Curly hair was following me. I turned around and said "curly, I don't think you-" , but I got cut short because I met the faces of niall horan, Liam payne, zayn malik, Louis tomilinson and suprisingly nnot Harry. "I see you met our best mate Harry." said niall shyly. " yeah and Styles probably wasn't to pleased at the reaction he got from a nice looking girl." said Liam shaking his head. 'What's your name?" said zayn. "Katy west" I managed to say, but just then the power went out entirely. "How queer, it was bright and sunny outside just a moment ago." I said. I tried to move but I felt arms around me gripping me tightly. I tried to ask who it was, but they just made a "shhh" noise.
  5. Back to me telling the story: "Students please remain calm. A power failure is no reason to be scared. The problem will be fixed shortly, but for now school is closed early. You began to feel motion as the arms loosened their grips. Then you felt to hands grip onto yours.. A. K. A two separate people. You all managed to walk outside. You turned to your right and left to see who was holding your hands... On one side you saw a blushing niall and on the other side you saw a calm Liam. The person who was gripping your waist had been Louis and the person who had been hugging you was... Harry. Zayn was being polite.
  6. "Sorry, 'bout that." they all said in unison. "Let us make it up to you." says Liam. You reluctantly accept. "where to?" you ask them. "How about our place so we can talk to each other." said Harry with a wink. "Fine, as long as you don't have any tricks up your sleeve." you say in the fake british accent. "Alright we'll drive you." said Louis. "No thanks chaps I got my own ride." you say motioning to your car (lamborghini) "Woah , sweet car." said niall, full of innocence, and like a kid who had just seen the world's biggest candy store, bless him. The guys told you to follow them in your car. All except for niall he demanded to saty in your car with you.
  7. "Niall, would you mind me putting on the radio?" you said politely. "No, by all means." he said. You turned it on to hear for the second time that day.. "what makes you beautiful" by one direction. Before you knew it you and niall were singing at the top of your lungs, even after the music had finished. You noticed the music had ended and tried to recollect yourself, but instead you felt your face get warm and saw your cheeks get red. "You are an amazing singer, Katy." said Niall. Which only, dare I say it, made you blush more. "Thanks, you have a nice voice too." you replied finally managing a calm, but jovial expression. Now it was niall's turn to blush. "thanks." he replied shyly. The rest of the ride you both sang along to a bunch of random songs like "call me maybe." The minute Justin bieber's song "Boyfriend." went on, niall was a goner. He could barely contain a scream, that brought a smile to your face as you thought.. "Wow, Bieber's got some guy fans too." You continued to sing with niall until you arrived at the guys place, finally.
  8. Niall got out of the car and acting all gentleman like opened the door for you and offered you his hand as he stepped out. "aww niall, your a real gent." you said in the british accent again. You noticed Liam and Zayn sulking for some reason. Harry just stomped off upstairs and you heard a door slam. Louis was being his regular prankster self and Niall stood there oblivious to the situation. "Sorry, where are our manner. Please sit." they all say motioning to the couch. You sit down on the couch and Niall and Louis plop down next to you. Zayn and Liam sit across from you.
  9. You heard more slams upstairs and cautiously adressed the situation.. " What is up with curly. He seems angry." you say. Liam sighs and says "He got upset because we told him that you need to stop being a flirt, breaking hearts, and leading girls to believe that you love them." "Me and Louis told him not to do the same to you." said Zayn with a look that made people swoon. "don't swoon."you said in your head. "Well then thank you. What do you guys want to do?" you say. "How about we all just talk then go out for some frozen yogurt. You start." "alright," you say giving a small wave." the name is katherine gracie west. I am an american. I'm 17 almost 18." They burst out laughing.. "capital, you sound like someone in a focus group." Louis says. You think back to how you said everything and found that they were right. You began to laugh then Harry came downstairs his hair a mess and his face angry.. "what's with all the noise.' he said sounding like a grandma. "I say, hazza, you sound like a cranky gramma at the moment." said Louis. "ello, curly. We meet again." you say with a triumphant and expressionless look. "Oh ello." he says then ignores you. "its his methos of getting girls." whispers Zayn. Louis stands up and talks in whispers to 'Hazza' Harry then goes upstairs and Louis has a positively delighted look on his face. "Oh no. Not again." says Liam shaking his head and rubbing the bridge of his nose. "hazza is going to snooze. You all know what that means... Its prank time. " announced Louis in a quiet tone. "I'm leaving" says Liam 'like a mature adult' "Fine." says Luois still excited. He grabs a whiteboard from somewher and begins by saying "Alright the objective is to prank Hazza. Any ideas?" Niall raises his hand " whipped cream, feather, and jelly." "ok, ok."says Louis."not particularly original. We need a bigger scale prank." Zayn then stands up and says " super sticky glue, ducktape, and feathers." You can see wheels turning in Louis head. "what about straightening his hair?" you suggest. "Blimey, that's brilliant. You, Katy West, have the mind of a prankster."Louis said with reaspect. "is that a compliment?" you asked. "In Louis terms, yes." says Niall and Zayn in unison. "Alright now for the prank. Nothing permenant, because then hazza would murder us. So only something temporary." says Louis. "How about dying his hair too?" you suggest. Louis pats you on the back and wipes an invible tear from his face.. "You make me proud. You are a first class prankster." he says. You blush and Zayn (purposely) clears his throat.
  10. "Time to get pranking." says Niall with an excited look. "Follow me, Katy." says Louis in a hushed tone. He leads you to a room that he opens with a key. The door opens and you see everything imaginable that is needed for a prank. "wow." you say. "I know right. You are the only other person, other then me that knows about this so don't tell anyone."You nod your head quickly and a smile returns to your face. Louis smiles too, glances at his watch. You realize you had been talkig with them for the better part of the dsy. Suddenly, Louis leaned closer to you and gave you a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry, I understand if you don't like me yet." "Its okay." you reply and lean in.. "lets not move to fast." you say and give him a hug. He squeezes you tighter, then lets go. You both get what you need from the "prank room" and walk out hand in hand to the living room. Except you didn't notice you were hand in hand. You then see a extremely furious Harry Styles. "You tell me to keep a distance and then you make a move on her?" says Harry motioning to you and Louis' hands. You let go instantly. Louis puts the stuff down and kisses you, on the lips. It was such a nice feeling, but this was moving to fast. Harry and zayn couldn't take much more of it. They pulled Louis off of you. You felt conflicted, both sad and at the same time happy. You fell backwards from Louis pulling you apart and hit your head on a table. The last thing you felt was being lifted up.
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