Love and Suprises!? part one

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of this series which is basically a one direction love story with a twist. Instead of meeting them over the summer you meet them somewhere unexcpected.

This was inspired by all the amazing one direction love stories out there.I hope you enjoy it and the next part might be out as soon as today! Please dont forget to comment,rate, and share.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Thanks to all those who have made one direction love stories that ive taken each and every one of them was great so they inspired me to make this quiz!
  2. You are a highschool student, who is 17 almost 18. Your name is Katy West and your one of the richest/ and most popular people at your school.
  3. You were dreaming. In your dream you had kesha riding a unicorn, shooting sparkles at selena gomez who for some reason was bald and kinda happy about it. Weird dream, I know, but this was pretty typical for you, Katherine Gracie West, nicknamed Katy.
  4. Beep! You heard your alarm clock ring. You tried your hardest to block out the noise by putting your head under your pillow,but it only got louder. You tried to turn it off, but it only turned off when you got out of bed because of sensors. So you finally gave up trying to get a few more minutes of sleep and groaned. " Why do I have to get up at five in the morning just to go to a private school that my parents forced me to attend." You mutter to yourself. It was true that you were popular and school subjects came simply to you,but you didnt like waking up so early.
  5. Now you can faintly hear your older brother James rocking out on his drums. " Lucky him" you mutter to yourself. You yourself played several instruments.. piano,guitar,violin,singing, and drums, but you almost never had time to practice on them whereas James had already finishes school and was free to do what he wanted.
  6. You complete the rest of your morning routine and stand in front of your mirror. You had on blue shorts with a tshirt that says "if ur hot, im single." Your hair was down, which wasnt typical since you usually had it up. You applied your lipgloss and was just putting on some earrings when you heard a scream so loud you wondered if someone had nails on a chalkboard. You hurry to try to stop the noise and find its source relatively quickly.
  7. You enter the room where the screaming was coming from, your sister's room. You see shattered mirrors and are scared for your younger sister. You find her crying and with red hair. You walk up to her and she says " My Life is over!!!" You are used to her drama queen personality and know the perfect cure,make her angry. " Thats a nice look for ya Mitchy, it matches your personality." You say. You can see her blood boiling and steam coming out of her ears. She takes a deep breath and says " Why did this have to happen today. The most important day of my life." Mitchy says."Why?" You question. Because there are new students coming to our school and they are the members of one direction." She practically screams. You can hear James stifle a giggle on the other side of the door. You had always been more logically then your sister so u ask why they are attending school when they are older than they should be to which she replies..
  8. " They want to have a real taste of the highschool lifestyle." She says as if it was obvious. You are screaming YES on the inside but you dont dare show it to your blabbermouth sister. You scurry to your room and fix your hair a little put on some perfume and lare about to leave when...
  9. Your phone rings. You glance at the clock and realize you have to hurry so you go to the car garage and pick a red corvette to drive. You grab the keys and hop in. You check your messages and almost drop your phone.
  10. Its a text from Annabelle your bff. You call her and all you can hear is screaming so u hang up. One direction must have arrived you think. You turn on the radio without a care in the world because you knew that they were just regular people who got famous. On the radio was "what makes you beautiful" by one direction so u smile. It reminds u that they are going to be your classmates.
  11. Thats it for this part, sorry if it was short. The next part will be out soon.

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