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Hello and welcome to my quiz. Keep in mind this is one installment out of a series and will not make sense if you dont take the other quizzes that go along with this.

I added a twist in this one hope you like it. Thankfully summer has begun and I can get more quizzes out! Thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently for the next parts, I apprciate it! Please Comment, Rate, and Share!

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. You finally arrive at the guys place. Your jaw dropped so low that you probably needed some tape to make sure it stayed up. Their place was huge!!! The place itself was next to a "private" beach!
  2. You get out of your car and walk to the guys. They are all standing under the shade of a big tree. " woah, they look hot!" You say in your head.The guys walk over to you and smile, they all motion for you to follow them. " Why are you all so quiet?" You ask. " No reason, its just safer to talk inside."says K.
  3. The guys open the door to the house or should I say mansion! They all walk inside you are the last one in,but you are really fortunate because even though you can hold a door by yourself Luke held it for you and let you go in before him.
  4. The inside of their place is soooo awesome! Everything you see looks flashy and high tech. You proceed to one of the living rooms and see long ceiling to floor windows, a porch, a beach view, sweet t.v. and everything else you can imagine. Did I mention that there were "cathedral" height ceilings?
  5. All the guys clear out of the room except K.K clears his throat and says"Sarah, we all have powers and mine are empathy, the ability to control earth, super speed, and mind reading." You feel tense and your so shocked you blurt out everything that was on the tip of your tongue which was... Oh snap all these years you could read my mind, K.! " Sarah, we dont get our powers from birth! Even if we did I would never read your mind if it wasnt totally nessecary." Then K gently reaches for your hand and gives it a squeeze. You suddenly feel calm, must be his power empathy, you think to yourself. You always feel comfortable around K, but now you felt something else too... Protected and maybe even loved.
  6. K lets go of your hand,smiles, and leaves. Luke walks in next. Before you have a chance to yell at him for starting a fight with Mike and trying other stuff you didnt approve of he kissed you on the lips. Even if you didnt like him you have to admit he was hot and a good kisser.
  7. When you break away you are just about to slap him when Jace walks in ,heartbroken. You try to explain to Jace everything but he walks off to his "room" and locks the door. You are feeling mad at yourself for not slapping Luke, upset with Luke for kissing you without permission, and full of pity for Jace who saw all of that.
  8. You start to cry and run into Mike. He sees you crying and asks why you explain everything to him then he hugs you. "When you stop crying, ill let go." He says. You stop crying and he keeps his promise. He then asks where Luke is so he can beat him up for making you cry." I dont know." You reply. Mike give you one more reassuring hug says you can stay for as long as you like and then leaves. You take your cellphone out and call your family.You tell them that you are staying over at a friends' place so they shouldnt worry. They say ok and you continue walkin until you reach the living room. You sit down and turn on the T.V. K walks in and says "Ill show you to your room." You stand up and say"Thanks."
  9. You reach the room and K leaves. The lights are already on so you walk in and see Luke! As soon as you see Luke you walk right over to him and promptly slap him. " How could you do that Luke? Dont you know how much you hurt me and the others? What kind of person would do such a thing!"you say.
  10. "I deserve way worse than a slap." Says Luke. He gets down on his knees puts his head down and tells you "end my life Sarah, I have nothing to live for if you hate me, Just remember I am sorry for being a jerk to you and everyone else and Im sorry that I caused you pain and sadness ." As much as you hate him you yank him up and say"People deserve second chances." His face brightens up and he tries to hug you. " But, that doesnt mean it wont take time for me to get over it, for the wounds to heal, and for everything to be normal. You still need to make it up to me. You can start by apologizing to Mike, Jace and everyone else youve hurt." You say. He is shocked but says" I understand. Thank you for being such a forgiving person." (not sarcastically)
  11. You know things arent totally perfect but you know that soon everything will work out. So you plan on talking to Jace in the morning.
  12. Who do you love?

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