not your average love story part 2

ok .. this is the second part of not your average love story .. i hope you like this part.. please.. comment and rate .. any ideas and suggstions is highly recommended..

please comment and rate.. for those of you that have taken my quiz.. i am totally grateful to you and just want to say thank you.. ^^ .. please .. support me..

Created by: aina_msia

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  1. hi there. . thank you to everyone who have taken my first quiz.. for those of you who still have not taken the first part of not your average love story.. please do.. then you can understand the 2nd part of my story..
  2. recap: during recess, you sit in class because you dont know what to do. you read your books quietly when...
  3. when.. SPLASH!!
  4. you are soak and wet to your skin.. you look up to see three stu--d boys laughing their heads off.. one of them has brown hair.. flawless skin with the most amazing facial features you had ever seen..he has big hazel eyes and amazing bone structure.. he's tall and has a really fit body. he wears a white hood and just laugh at you , without even took sympathy for you. reaction??
  5. you stand up from your chair.. and give your most fiercest look at the boys.. the brown haired boy just touched your cheek and said "what's the matter? the little pretty girl want to cry to her mommy??" he said it with a sinister tone..
  6. when you heard his sarcastic pissed his hands from your cheeks.. and you do the first thing that pops in your head.. which is??
  7. lets just say you did both (punching and running).. you are a bit hot-tempered and so, without thinking you punch him on his left cheek.. then you ran away because you realise what you did..
  8. you run away... to anywhere.. well, seems this is your first day.. and you have not explore the school.. you do not know where you want to go.. but 1 thing in mind.. yu need to get out of there before the guy become totally mad at you and turn into "THE HULK"..
  9. so you run away and hide in this one place that you actually have no clue about it.. the place is quite deserted and its almost like you actually in the woods.. there are trees everywhere and the floor is filled with dry brown leaves..youcan hear birds chirping and insects' sounds like grasshoppers and there are also butterflies there.. you take a breath of relieve.. you look around and thought to yourself ..
  10. you take a sit next to a large oak tree.. then.. you heard.. SOMETHING..
  11. what do you think it is? please comment. .

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Quiz topic: Not my average love story part 2