High School Love Story

THIS IS PART 1!!!!!!High School has it's ups & downs. Being the new kid, being a freshmen or anything really. Drama comes & goes. Relationships are good & bad but in the end it's just High School. That's why i made a High School Love Story. Every girl can relate to this story but high school is the toughest. You got guys that are players & jerks. Guys that are new to the school, also guys that are sweet. Doesn't a girl want a guy to treat her right. Looks(outside) don't matter that much but the (inside)personality of the person is what counts!

Love is crazy! Sometimes you need to choose whats right for you. So theres 3 guys on here that you can get. It's a bit long but part 2 will be more interesting, i promise! Take my High School Love Story Pt.1 please :)

Created by: Ayla Autumn
  1. What's your personality like?
  2. Dark Brown hair. Blue eyes. Laidback, sweet, outgoing guy
  3. Sandy blonde hair. Brown eyes. Popular, cute(hunk), not a jerk
  4. Black hair with red tips. Blue/hazel eyes. Shy, but caring, funny, & loving
  5. Pick a color
  6. It's the first day back to school. You are excited to see you friends but not so much about the drama. You got ready for school and then ate breakfast. You look and see that you only have 30 mins left until school. So you leave early. You get to school and see all your friends and the drama barbie dolls there. You and your friend, Macie start talking. She mentions a boy you liked along time ago named Ryan. You flip out when all of a sudden Ryan is there next to you. Hi! he says to you. Hi, Ryan how are you? you replied. Oh im good, what about you. he replies back. Im pretty good. you said right back at him. Good so what are you doing later after school?! he asks. You look at your friend, Macie. You are speechless. Ryan hardly ever asked you that before. Macie gives you a nudge. You finally say:
  7. Ryan ask, Would u like 2 hangout after school? Ok! you said. Meet me by the front doors, he says. Alright! you say back. The bell rings. You & Macie have PE. You guys see me & head over. We talk & all of a sudden the drama preps show up, Joylynn, Marie Ann, Dallas, Matt, Heather, & omg Landon. You always had a crush on Landon but people said that preps don't date non preps but Landon doesn't like to be called a prep. We all wait for the teacher to talk about the same stuff we always hear again, again, & well again. We finally start stretching out. Marie Ann always flirts with Landon but he wasn't listen or looking at her. He was looking at you!! He smiles & heads over by you, me, & Macie. Hey guys! He says still keeping his eyes on you. Hi Landon. You reply back. How r u.....___?! You reply:
  8. Landon says, Oh that's good! You and Landon smile at each other. The teacher says, Let's play some dodgeball. The teacher put us in groups. We got in position and then the whistle blew and the game started. We were dominatin. The final score was 6-2. Soon the bell ranged to leave. You, me, & Macie start heading out the door. We look at our papers with our classes on it. You & Macie have Math next & I have History....yuck! So we said bye and headed off to class. (THIS ONE, THE ANSWERS HAVE NO EFFECT)
  9. After a few classes later, it was lunch time. You, Macie, & me met up. There were lots of people there. It look like a ZOO! We got our lunch, it was pizza & found a table to sit at. Macie was talking to us about gym class & her amazing summer vacation to California. You looked away for a second and saw a guy sitting alone at a table. You asked me, Who is that? Oh that's Derrick! I said. Who's Derrick? Macie asked. He's the new kid. I said. Oh i see....Macie replied back. I'm gonna go talk to him. You said. You walk over and introduced yourself. Derrick did the same. So, would you like to sit with me & my friends? You asked him. He doesn't answer back. He looked nervous but he was shy. Come on, we won't bite. You said smiling & giggling. Ok, i guess i'll sit with you. Derrick looked at you and smiled. You guys headed over & we all started talking. Derrick started to open up to us but more to you. He turned his attention towards you and asked, So do you like sports? Yes, i do. You answered back. What sport do you like? Derrick asked. Oh i like:
  10. Sorry.....cliffhanger!
  11. Part 2 Coming Soon!!
  12. Will you comment/rate?
  13. Bye!!!! :)

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