Love At First Sight

This story is about three boys in high school who are wondering which of them are you going to live with for the rest of your life when school is over. Will it be Theo, the very talented clarinet player who really likes music and singing, Edward, the emo and gothic dude who really doesn't have a hobby but just watch television, and hanging out with his friends, or Nicholas, the very expressional artist who loves painting and being loyal to his own friends?

Although, you can only pick one man to be your love for the rest of your life. Take this 10-questioned quiz to find out which will be your one and only boyfriend! Thank you for the convenience.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. It was your first day at school. Your clock alarm beeps Unnecessarily as you slam the "Snooze" button. Your hair was all messy today, and you got two in a half hours before school starts. So you kicked the covers off your bed, opened the blinds to make your room shine from the sun's light, got up, brushed your teeth and took a short shower. After rinsing your teeth and washing off your face, you decide it's time to pick out your outfit. What you got from your closet is a fancy Black skirt with a net pattern for the legs, a Red short sleeve shirt and a Dark Blue strapped pair of heels. You then picked up your purse bag and went downstairs to walk to school. Lots of other students driving in vehicles with their parents and also walking to school gave you a look as if you were new to the school that was right around the corner. A few minutes later, You suddenly arrived at the building and read it's name, "Lincoln High". Lots of stares, glares and questioned looks come upon to you as you walked up to the front door.
  2. When you opened the front door and closed it behind you, hearing chattering, yelling and lots of annoying repeats of words, You noticed seeing three guys looking at you: One had black hair with red streaks, brown eyes, a black leather jacket with a flame pattern, a white shirt, with black jeans and white sneakers. Another had brown hair and green eyes, wearing a red shirt with a basketball label, denim jeans and red sneakers and a guy who had blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing green shorts and a yellow shirt, wearing red sneakers. The blonde-haired walked up to you before you can open the Principal's door. "Hi, my name is Nicholas." he said. "The guy with the black hair is Edward, he's gothic and emo. don't make fun of him. The guy with brown hair is Theo. the best clarinet player. I'm Nicholas, the most creative student in this school." "Why, hello, Nicholas. I'm ______. Nice to meet you!" You say. After introducing yourself to the three guys, you opened the Principal's door and went right in, pulling out a seat.
  3. "Why, hello..." The principal says, pushing her dimmed glasses down. "My name is Mrs. Rodriquez." "And my name is ________. I'm new here in Lincoln High." You say. "Well, ______," The principal responds. "Here's your classroom number, F-5. Your locker is number 52, right next to my office. Your books has already been placed there." So after meeting the Principal, you went to your locker and got out your Music Note book before the bell rang. Music was your first period.
  4. As you entered the room, lots of kids were chattering and yelling random words as the teacher walks up to you, holding a clarinet on each hand. "Hello," he said. "I'm Mr. Harvest, and you must be _______. Nice to meet you! Here's your clarinet, and your seat is right next to Mr. Theo Bloom." Mr. Harvest hands you over the clarinet and went back to his Walnut-colored desk. As you go to your empty seat which has a book full of musical notes, You look at Theo and he gives an adorable wink. "Cute!" you thought as you saw him smile at you, also. "Ok, class," Mr. Harvest calls out when all the chattering stops. "Right now, you are going to do the ancient Egyptian theme. Please turn to page 105 on your Music notebook." You struggle as you couldn't find the page, but noticed a torn-off part of it. You then raise your hand angrily and you certainly feel like to strangle who took out your page right now.
  5. Before Mr. Harvest could answer your question, the school bell rings for lunch time. lots of people came rushing to the front classroom door to line up. Mr. Harvest was waiting until it was quiet, just because he still hears giggling, snickering and whispers from the line. Theo was right behind you when you lined up. After it was all quiet, Mr. Harvest led the whole class to lunch, and when he opened the cafeteria door and the class started walking in, he left to wait for his next group of pupils. You look at people's cafeteria trays as if you don't know what your eating today, but before you got a chance of looking, Theo whispered to your ear on what your having for lunch. "Peas, Fishsticks and a hamburger." He whispered.
  6. As the line starts moving fast, you picked up a plastic tray and a carton of milk, waiting for your lunch to be served. Unfortunately, they ran out of Fishsticks and hamburgers! So instead, you just got a gloppy pile of juicy beans and a frozen chicken drumstick. Yuck! One of the lunch ladies handed you a plastic spoon and fork before you can sit and eat. You then see Edward, Nicholas and Theo sitting together at where the band class pupils are. You then went to sit with them, but actually you just sat next to Edward. "Why, hello, _______!" Nicholas says as he started eating. "--Hi." Edward says, as if he was annoyed. You picked up your plastic fork, picking on the food that you didn't want to eat until you hear the guys talk to you. "Hey, _______, Art class is next. are you ready?" Nicholas asks in a flirty way. "Shut up, Mr. Picky!" Edward growls. "This is why nobody likes you!". "Edward, don't say that to poor old Nicholas. He's just excited that _______ is here." Theo says. "Whatever..." Edward says before he picks up his tray and sat at a different table.
  7. After a few hours of picking your food with a plastic fork, the bell rang. Time to head to art class! Your just dying that you wanted Nicholas to paint a portrait of you, and you just dream of it in relief. Suddenly, you bumped your head into somebody! "Ugh. Geez, you--" You then look up into Edward as he rubs his head in a pissed-off emotion. He then gets up and stares down at you on the floor, reaching his hand out for you. You then took it and got up. "Um..Are you ok?" he wonders. "Yeah, thanks for asking." you respond. "I'll see you later. I got some boring old Math class to hurry to." Edward says as he runs away. After he was gone, you continue walking to art class and then twisted the knob and opening it along the way. A girl with brown curly hair, wearing a pink dress and yellow heels was in front of door. "Uh, Hi?" you greet with a questioned look. "Oh, hi! My name is Sabrina. I'm Nicholas' sister and Theo and Edward's friend. You must be _____! Nicholas told me all about you. He said that we can go on fun adventures!" the girl says, putting on an adorable smile. "Excuse me, I got to go to the bathroom." she says as she rushes out of the class.
  8. As you sat to an empty seat with a blank canvas, cup of water, paintbrush and box of paints in front of you, Nicholas turns to you and gives you a wink. You either said, "Eek!" or "Ew!", before you started listening to the teacher. "Hello, class. My name is Mrs. Flowerpod. Today, we are going to paint a portrait of ourselves or somebody that we care for! Make sure that you express yourselves, and show a passionate feeling. Ready, set, paint!" the teacher says. You then picked up your paint brush and started to brush a few strokes onto your canvas, trying to make your long, wavy hair.
  9. Before you could continue painting, you stare and look at the other people to see how they are stroking their brushes. One girl was brushing it all rough to make her hair curly, a boy painted with regular lines up and down since his hair is messy, Sabrina is painting hers all soft and silky, Nicholas is painting his light and and slowly, and you are painting yours very smoothly. Later on, the teacher yells, "Ok, class! Put down your brushes! Time to see your masterpiece!". All the students turned their canvas to the teacher, to be judged. "Hmm...Alice, yours looks really sloppy! I'm going to have to give you an F! Andrew, yours just looks messy. I'll give you a D-. Sabrina, yours looks proper, but not expressional. Maybe an average C. _____, Yours is very good! a B+! Nicholas, that portrait of ______ is very expressional! how about an A, I suppose?" Suddenly, the bell rings for dismissal.
  10. That's it for part 1! Oops, cliffhanger! Come back for part 2 after...

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