Is he your type?

There are many men out there for one to chose from. But there are also plenty of us girls for guys to be picky with as well. Find out if HE is chosing YOU, or is he just a flirt?

Does he like you at ALL, or is this just all a game, or maybe he has feelings for another girl. Maybe but maybe not, take this quiz and find out. Maybe it's love at first sight, or just love. Find out here, find out NOW!

Created by: Keara
  1. When you pass him in the hall what does he say to you?
  2. When you ask if he is busy tomorrow he says.....
  3. If you asked for his number he would say...
  4. You have the same class with him, does he sit by you?
  5. What is his favorite color?
  6. Does he know your favorite color?
  7. Ok so does he tell you he likes you?
  8. How does he treat you when he is with his friends?
  9. Does he brag about you to his friends
  10. Does he know your birthday?
  11. How long have you known him?

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Quiz topic: Is he my type?