Stuck in Naruto with an emo duckbutt 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pt3 here we go! Ok so I'm in the middle of classes so I'm writing for you guys so yeah thats how much I care about you guys cause I got an idiot next to me! SOS!

Okie dokie so the last episode was awkward af so yeah I'll tone down the cringe meter for you that cant handle it! SOS Person next to me is slapping me with a calculator I'm regretting my friend choices.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. You ran out of the room beet red. 'Breath Kyoko Breath it was nothing.' you thought you left without him. You walked wide awake. You were the first one there. "Wait why'd I come here if he's going to show up late?" you said walking to a tree. You climbed up a tree and decided to sleep.
  2. "YOUR LATE!" You fell out of the tree. "AHHH!" Youlanded on someone. You looked up. "T-thanks Duckbutt" you said standing up. You went to Naruto and Sakura. You bonked them on the head. "You! are! dead! to! me!" "You growled. You zoned out on Kakashi's speech. "start." you hid your chakra. You knew exactly where everyone was.
  3. "Shadow clone jutsu" you muttered making two others. "Find Sakura and Sasuke." You said they nodded and ran. "I've got to help the air head" you muttered. Kakashi was about to do the 'one thousand years of pain' But you threw a kunai at him causing him to get distracted. "Whats better than one?" You asked as Kakashi and Naruto looked up. "Two!" You said jumping down and throwing 3 shruikens. They hit 'Kakashi' but he disapeared. "So Naruto wanna pair up?"
  4. "I'm sorry Kyoko but if I'm going to be hokage I need to do this alone." "But Hokage's need a village support, to make the right decisions." You stated hopefully. "I'm sorry Kyoko." He said leaving you. "Now its just the others, hopefully they have better luck." you said hiding your chakra, not knowing that a perverted sensei was watching you.
  5. SHADOW CLONE 2 POV: Juding by the episode Sakura should be- "Ahhhhh!" here and under genjutsuu. You saw a pink hair girl freaking out. "Release.." you muttered. "Sasuke!" "Sakura dont worry it was genjutsu." You said holding her shoulder. "Say why dont we work together? We could get the bells together." She hesitated. "I need to find Sasuke-kun." she stated. You sighed. "Guess I cant stop you." You said letting her go. "Dont worry Kyoko, I'll make sure Sasuke-kun, you and I pass and not Naruto!" She said skipping off." 'lets hope the other two got lucky.'
  6. SHADOW CLONE 3 POV:You ran to the place Sasuke was stuck. You tried to stiffle the giggles. 'this is funnier than in the episode!' you mentally laughed. "Need help?" You asked. He nodded in defeat. You crowched down noses touching just to make uncomfortable. "How about I help you if we work together?" He scowled. "I cant I need to get stronger-" "To find and kill Itachi and avenge your clan, amazing what you can find in the library. But listen Sasuke, you need a team to work together so you get stronger by learning different techniques. I'm begging you." He hesitated. "Fine....dobe" you smirked. "Wind release" you said blowing at the ground making Sasuke fly up." The alarm rang. "I wasted to much time!" Sasuke growled and walked off.
  7. Naruto was tied up. You snickered. "I have decided that you wont go back to the academy." You pinched the bridge of your nose while the others celebrated. "All I did was scream and feint do I get points for that?" Sakura asked. 'is she seriously supposed to be the smart one' you thought. "Everyone but Kyoko will be permanently dropped from the program. "WHY!You said if we got the bells we would pass! You cant go changing your mind!" Naruto screamed.
  8. "You dont think like ninja's you think like brats!" Kakashi said. Sasuke ran at him but was flipped and stood on. "Dont stand on Sasuke like some bug!" Sakura screamed. "Do any of you know what this exercise is about? Kyoko dont aswer." The three looked confused. "Team work! A genin should have a natural feel for teamwork. If you came at me at the same time you might have got a chance."
  9. You zoned out. "Sakura kill Naruto or Sasuke dies. Kyoko if Sakura dosent kill her." Kakashi ordered. Naruto and Sakura freaked out. "Every situation is dangerous and someone can end up killed. Have you guys looked at that stone. Some of my greatest frinds are on that stone. The KIA stone." "Thats it! I'm going to be on that stone!" Naruto said you punched him. "What was that for?!" "KIA? It mean Killed In Action!" you shouted. He looked shocked. you sighed.
  10. "I'll give you one more chance. Eat up but dont feed Naruto." he dissapeared. You shoved your food in his face. "" "We are one now shut up and eat!" You said. You turned around and there was food shoved into your mouth. It was Sasuke. Sakura gave Sasuke her food. "You diobeyed me!" You smirked the others freaked out. "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandoned friends and worse than scum." You said stealing his line. Kakashi smirked. "You all....passed!" Everyone celebrated. You hugged Sasuke. You realised what you did. "Sorry" you mutterd. 'hn' was all he replied

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