what naruto character are you

are you a naruto fan cre to take a quiz well here is one that you don't want to miss so check what naruto person are you GENIUS IS A SHIKAMARU IDIOT IS NARUTO CLEVER IS KAKASHI PATHETIC IS INO FAT IS CHOUJI FEELINGFULL IS SAKURA

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Created by: kristian
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. two ningas are infront of you what do you do
  2. who would you have with you if you were trapped on an island
  3. who would you wanna fight
  4. Rock lee:will you date me what would you reply
  5. your teams asking you if you want to go on a trip with them
  6. do you love ramen
  7. who do you like
  8. what is your favorite color
  9. what is your favorite character
  10. someone is with you in a movie and wants to kiss you what do you do

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Quiz topic: What naruto character am I