Stuck in Naruto with an emo duckbutt pt2!

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Pt2 here we go if you've been here from the beginning you should notice I do three parts straight out so one more than it would be TG, and the main Naruto story

Alright I hate doing this second paragraph. Gomen for this coming out late I just had alot of assessments so some stories would be delayed soz kiddo's

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. You zoned out of the speech you were real curious about who was your roommate. 'I hope its Sakura' you thought. Kakashi disappeared in smoke. "And thats my cue!" You said standing up. "I've got to find my room mate." You said waving and walking out the door.
  2. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!You walked around the village asking people for directions. You were about to call it a day until you saw a familiar hair cut. "Duckbut!" He ignored you and kept walking. You sprinted to catch up with him. " you know where this adress is?" You shoved the peice of paper in his face. He grabbed it and stared at it eyes wide.
  3. "Sasuke?" "Where did you get that adress from?" "the Hokage....why?" He looked both ways grabbed your hand and practically dragged you to an estate. "Guess your sharing this place" He sighed. "Hahahaa!" You doubled over laughing. "I humour!" You said in between laughs. He glared at you. "Y-your joking right?" He walked inside. '" Sasuke?!" You cried running in the house.
  4. You followed him up the stairs. He pinted to a room. "You'll stay here...Bathrooms to the left." and with that he went to a different room. "Ok...." You sighed.
  5. laylahmckenzie12- and whats the perfect anime without pranks and a bathroom run in. Sorry but this may be cringy kids
  6. You went into the bathroom to take quick shower. You wrapped a towel around yourself. 'how can this get any worse' you muttered the door opened. There was silence. "PERVERT!" You screamed slapping him across the face. He ran out. You shut the door and sunk to the floor. 'what did I do!'
  7. You tip toed to your room and changed into pyjamas that magicaly appeared, (anime logic) You went downstairs. "Ok tomatoes, noodles and chicken.....Soup!" You said grabbing them in one swipe. You finished the soup. "Not bas Kyoko not bad at all." then you heard that faithful "hn" you turned around. "What do you want pervert? Your not getting another peek are you?" You smirked as he turned red. "Sit down I made dinner." you sighed handing him a bowl.
  8. Dinner was awkward. "So whats your tactic for tomorrow...." you asked. He raised an eyebrow. "u-uh I mean what do you thinks gonna happen in the survival test." you said. 'real smooth Kyoko almost blowing your cover' he just shrugged. You went to bed early.
  9. You woke up earlier than Sasuke to get a quick breakfast with last nights tomatoes. You snuck back up and got changed. You decided to wait for the duckbut. After ten minutes you went to his room. You knocked he didnt answer.
  10. You went in. You shook him, poked him. You were about to yell until he flipped you over on the bed and hugged you. You tried to get out but he held you tighter. You started to blush.
  11. "Sa-sasuke..." You managed to turn around to face him. You felt the blush going to your cheeks. 'No! I'm not a fan girl!' you thought gritting your teeth. He opened his eyes. "Bout time Baka we're going to be late!" you said pushing him off the bed, running out of the room.

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