Stuck in Naruto with an emo duckbutt part4

Konichiwa! This is part 4! BELIEVE IT! I will be doing the land of waves as part 4.2 4.3 etcetc because it is a long episode so may make it like a long quiz!

Sakura when I see it all hit the groundMy heart gets weakCause that dream that you and I had madeIs still so clear in meAnd I wonder if that day will comeWhere we could make it realBaby will I ever see youSakura will I breathe again

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

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  1. "Sasuke point D," "Sakura point C." "NARUTO POINT B BELIEVE IT!" You cringed. "Kyoko?" "at the target." "Ok team a-wait where are you Kyoko?" "With the cat in my arms." Everyone came out. "She's so cute!" You said stroking the fat tabby cat.
  2. You all made it to the hokages office. "Ok your next missions are babysitting, gardening and-" "No, no, no thank you!" Naruto said putting his 'hands in a cross and shaking his head. You giggled as Iruka sensei hit him on the head. The hokage took a lecture. "So whats your favourite ramen Nar?" "I like Miso-" "ARENT YOU LISTENING TO ME!" The Hokage yelled. Nearly all of team seven had a reaction. Well nearly everyon take a guess who.
  3. "I'm not a kid any more old man!" Naruto complained. You zoned out knowing it Tazuna would come out any moment. Someone nudged you in the ribs. You looked up. Duckbutt was glaring at you. You stuck your tongue at him as the drunko walked in through the door
  4. "are these snot nosed kids supposed to protect me? Whats with the small one with the idiotic face," You thought it was Naruto until. "Come here you old geezer/ I'll make you wish you were ever born old man!" You and Naruto screamed. Kakashi held Naruto back while Sasuke held you back by the hands. "I'm gonna save your asse three times and when I do you can eat your own words!" You said. You calmed down. You realised Sasuke was still holding your hand.
  5. "I am Tazuna Master bridge builder-" "Master bridge builder my asse!" Team 7 and the Hokage sweat dropped at your remark. "You must protect me with your life." "Alright team 7 go pack up." Kakashi said. "Uh Sasuke....Your still holding my hand." You dead panned. He let go with a small blush at his cheeks.
  6. You packed your bags still annoyed at Tazuna. "I'll show him.....he means nothing....he's just drunk.....he'll eat his words," "If it makes you feel better you dont really have an idiotic look on your face." You turned around. Sasuke was standing there avoiding eye contact.
  7. (Time skip) You were walking. 'Ok the puddle should be right here!' you thought. You looked at Kakashi and winked. "It's a puddle!" You started to jump up and down on it adding chakra on you feet. Everyone but Kakashi sweat dropped. You stopped. 'thats ought to give you enough concussions for a life time If I do say so myself' you thought happily. skipping away. Then Kakashi was ripped. You throught shruikens at them. Hitting one and missing the other by an inch. "YOU WERE THE ONE THAT JUMPED ON US!" They said pointing a finger. "Guilty as charged. such a shame I knew you were- Naruto!" You were distracted and pushed Naruto out of the way. getting hit in the abdomen. "gah!" You said holding the gash. Kakashi came out and ended the fight. "Nice work Sasuke, Sakura. Sorry Naruto I didnt know you would have frozen up like that. Excellent Kyoko. KYOKO!" Blood came out of your mouth. Sasuke ran over. "T-there w-was poison in th-their claw r-right?" You asked. Kakashi nodded. "We should head back-" Sakura started. You sat up. 'lets see if I got this right' you thought creating the medical jutsu. "Yes, Kyoko's wound could be a-" "All done" You said getting up. Naruto eyes widened.
  8. "I can teach you that technique if you find it cool Naruto." You hugged him. "You are not a burden it was my choice" You whispered not knowing a particular jealous duckbutt was glaring at you two. (time skip again) You were on the boat. Naruto with Sakura, Tazuna and Kakashi and then you and Sasuke. "WOAH ITS HU-" You whacked your hand over his mouth as the boat man scolded him. "We're going to have to drop you off shore Tazuna its just to dangerous for the genin." "Its ok, but I'll probably be killed-" "Yeah, Yeaah cut the guilt trip we are doing this the best way to learn is experience." You stated. "Yeah!" Naruto whisper-shouted. Kakashi rolled his eyes. You were continuing the mission
  9. (Timeskip again) You were off the boat and Naruto was throwing kunais everywhere. You turned around to where Haku was and winked. You turned around. You pushed Sasuke to the floor. You were in an awkward position. "GET OFF-" "DUCK!" sword went passed the head you got off Sasuke. " Kakashi of the sharigan....hand over the old man." "Zabuza of the hidden mist.....AWESOME!" You said fist in the air. Your team sweatdropped.
  10. Ok so the land of waves Naruto goes forever so I will be doing it in parts like part4.2 etc etc cool?
  11. Bye the way I suggest while taking these quizzes you listen to: Nightcore-Sakura Nightcore: Running (naruto) and Emmacore: Blue bird english. BTW If you take the Unraveled in love look up nightcore unraveled english. They are all good so yeah just reccomendations

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