my love life part 7

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thank you so much for taking my series quiz. please take parts 1-6 if you want to understand what's going on. :) now... this girl in the picture over here is the new girl. yes... i added a new character. she's bryan's cousin.

Alex-he's a little taller than you, black Gothic style hair, eyes change color, fit. sweet, mysterious / Antonio-same height, brown eyes and hair, Italian looking, very sweet and funny / Aaron-dark brown hair,brown eyes, fit & strong, funny,protective,nice

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. you left off at: He dragged you through the living room, down the hall and to the Front door.
  2. he walked you across the street to his car. he reached into your back pocket taking your cell phone. Andrew handcuffed you to his car and then he got in the drivers seat. he crushed your cell phone in his hands and threw the left overs in the streets. you started to struggle in your seat trying to get out of the hand cuffs.
  3. You started to scream "help me Aaron" in your mind just to get some hope in escape. you glanced behind you trying to figure out if they are following you when you see Alex motioning the Tony and Aaron to get in the car.
  4. looked back to the streets that Andrew was driving to. maybe if you read the streets in your mind, Aaron could tell the guys where to go. you read in your mind, "i'm in the corner of redwoods street and flarks ave." then, Andrew said,"they'r following us. are you giving that Mind-reader directions?" you hesitated to answer. you ignored what he said and listened to Aaron in your mind.
  5. Aaron told you,"just be quiet. hang in there okay? you'r going to be all right. everything's going to be fine." you smiled and Andrew shouted,"you are talking to him!!" the first thing you thought was to melt the handcuffs and jump. you weren't so fast in melting and Andrew didn't slap you.
  6. he punched you. hard!!
  7. he punched you on the arm and you heard something crack. he pulled into a dark alley by the forest. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you screamed. "Jules? JUlia? are you okay> what'd he do?" Aaron's voice echoed in your head. you were too scared of Andrew hurting you again that you didn't dare to answer.
  8. you started to melt the hand cuffs very slowly so he won't notice. right when you were free Andrew slammed on the breaks. your seat belt didn't work so you flew out of the car. you screamed once again and you fell on a large rock and on the arm Andrew punched.
  9. you started to cry. but then you remembered your nature training. Andrew was walking towards you and the rest of the guys were sneaking up on him. you smiled and used your power to bend the rock around you into a sphere with you in it. it was dark in there so you lit a fire for light. you were bleeding and you had a large cut on your arm.
  10. you tore off a piece of clothing from your blouse and tied it around your arm. you heard Aaron say in your head," good job,Beautiful." and you smiled. but then you heard screaming outside your rock. you just kept crying and hoping that they would be fine.
  11. you started to hear thudding. then the rock broke and shattered all over the floor. it was Andrew. He picked you up and put you in the trunk of the car this time. you tried your best to fight it but you looked into his eyes and fainted. the last thing you saw was Tony and Aaron bleeding on the ground and Alex chained to a tree.
  12. you woke up on Andrew's shoulder. you saw everything and you were passing his locker going in the abandoned building's basement.
  13. you call Aaron screaming in your mind,"Aaron!!! are you alright? hes taking me to the abandoned building's basement!! i need you guys!! please?!" then he replies and you sigh in relief. Andrew noticed and said, " if you talk to him again, your going to lose an arm. permanently."
  14. you frowned and quickly thought to Aaron... "i need you. help me please." then Aaron replies saying, "don't worry, princessa. i got you. i'm on my way with the guys.
  15. Andrew starts walking down a few stairs in the basement. and your thinking maybe you could interrupt his balance and run. you start struggling and pounding on his back with fire. he screams in pain and throws you. you roll down the stairs and groan at the fact that you once again landed on your bad arm.
  16. a lady comes up to you. she was wearing a long red,fancy dress with a black coat. she had blond short hair and was wearing a tiara. you gasped at the memory of Alex explaining the queen to you. he never mentioned her name though. she smiled evilly at you and snapped her fingers. a man came from behind her and grabbed your hands picking you up from the floor and taking you to a chair. he was tall and extremely pale. he had silverish yellow eyes and blondish brown hair with a few blue streaks. he chained you to a chair. you tried to melt it but it didn't.
  17. the guy's name seems to be Ice and he said, "hey. its useless. this thing it power proof." he smiled and backed up to a corner. then the queen walked up to you with a knife and Andrew right behind her. at the corner of your eyes, there was a pale girl with purple eyes at the moment. she had long blue sparkling hair hiding behind a large crate. the queen unchained you, and locked you on a power-proof table. she gave andrew the knife and then she said, "i am queen Danielle and you are the future queen in training. well, you will have an accident and kill yourself in training. i came to help you but it was too late... all that wood finally cut into you. thats possible. yeah... i'll go with that." she grinned and turned to andrew to whisper in his ear," have fun". then andrew grinned and walked up to you. but then the girl you saw before attacked him. Ice tried to escape from the basement but the guys stormed in.
  18. the girl with the blue hair came out of the background and attacked Andrew. then, Aaron attacked Ice, Alex started to unchain you and Tony came to heal you. Alex looked at you with deep sea blue eyes and said, "Julia, i'm so sorry. i didn't mean to hurt you i just...*he sighed* seeing you look so beautiful like that, i got mad that i couldn't have you." you accepted his apology and by that time, the guys finished and you were free.
  19. but then the guys started to gang up on the girl. she was backed up into a corner and you were trying to maintain consciousness trying to realize what was happening. Alex pounced forward first and then the rest of the guys. you tried to stop them because she was helping you but you lost balance and fell.
  20. Tony heard the thud and came to help you up. the rest of the guys were fighting the girl and you heard her fighting them off and she sounded like it was a piece of cake. the guys were down and tony started to mumbling something in Latin. you pushed him and stood in front of her like a shield and you said," no! she's nice." the guys gave you a crazy look and assuming that Aaron read your mind, he said, "yeah, she's telling the truth." Alex sighed in relief saying, "phew! good. i hate hurting beautiful vampires". you all laughed and the girl's eyes turned the color of her hair. she then smiled and said, "hah! said the vampire on the ground." then you all laughed some more. then she introduced herself,"i'm Zera but you guys can call me Z. Bryan's cousin. i got bitten by my ex-boyfriend about 10 months ago. he called me to protect you. i can orb and see the future. that's how i get along beating people up." Tony questioned, "he sent a girl?" you gave him an "excuuuse me?" look and scoffed. you then said, " what if they come for me when i'm in the bathroom. plus, if i'm living with a bunch of guys, i could use a girl." the guys nodded in agreement and you all walked off. on the way to the car you heard someone behind you say, "where do you think your going?" it was a girl's voice and you heard giggling along with that.
  21. cliffhangar!!!!!!!

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