Magic and Love ~Part 1~

This is my first story-line quiz, so please fill free to insult my quiz. But helpful things will make m make Part 2. So GO HELPFUL! Now here are the looks of the awesome sauce boys.

Itata~Black hair, dark eyes, sick sense of life. Velvetu~Pink hair, eyes, loves everything. Royst~Golden locks, amber eyes, full of life. Most will not care about their looks, I DO!

Created by: Kunai

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  1. You and your best friend Jared are sitting together in the lunchroom at school when you notice 3 new boys watching you. Normally you would ignore them but somehow you were attracted to each of them. Hmm...suddenly its only you and the gold haired one. "What the heck?" you yell to him, he smiles and says "I'm Royst, your protector, for some reason me and my fellow mates believe the Evil Queen is after you." That was when you fainted.
  2. When you awoke, you noticed that the pink hair (yes pink hair) dude was leaning over you and whispering in French "Réveillez-vous, la beauté douce" You took French as your second language so you understood it to say 'Awake, sweet beauty." Quickly you pull away and say " to explain?" He pulls back but only slightly "Oh, my spell worked, I am Velvetu, your mentor in magic lessons." Your eye twitched that was when you noticed, everything about him was light PINK
  3. All of a sudden the other dude, the one who looked in pain and had black hair, came in and pulled me up "Come on _________, we got to keep moving." You move but only because they are both pushing you "HOLD IT! Who are you?" you say while trying to keep ahead of the boys. He sighed "I'm Itata, now go, go, go, go!!!" Man he was pushy, but you listened and all of that little group got into a black Jetta Volkswagon, One is driving other in passenger and then one in the middle of the back. Who is sitting in the back with you?
  4. Whover you end up sitting by it doesn't matter because you keep getting distracted until finally yor pulled away into a vision. The Evil Queen stood in front of you, somehow you knew it was her. "What do you want?" She smiled in an evil way "Why you, child! Your powers will grow immensly in such short time." The Evil Queen advaced towards you hand outstretched as if to grab you. Suddenly you are pulled back to the real world, your on a couch in a house and All of the boys are above you. Still groggy you sit up and notice you have a red welt on your palm.
  5. Velvetu looks at each of his buddies then back to me "Nous devons vous dire que nous sommes tous des créatures du Bon. Je suis un enfant du dieu grec Aphrodite et Apollon. Itata est une euh ... diable. Royst est un ange." There with the French again I soon translated it to say We should tell you that we are all creatures of Good. I am a child of the Greek god Aphrodite and Apollo. Itata is a um...devil. Royst is an Angel. Wow lots to take in. "Do you speak any English?" you ask him. Velvetu nods then shakes his head making you want to slap him, but it was kinda cute. Before you can say/do anything Royst is talking "Okay, you need to learn if your the Chosen one or not so...we need to test you."
  6. "Test me?" You almost kick him but decide, later. Itata almost laughs at your expression and you glare at him while saying "I will not be tested." This time Itata did laugh "Oh really" you could see the devil in him as he said that. Uh-oh, might not be best to test with him...anyone of them would be fine you just don't think your the Chosen One. "I'm not your girl, it's someone else" you say as Velvetu smiles an murmurs to you "Petite, tu es le seul." He had said Little one, you are the one. Little, huh? Then you realize you have an aura around your hurt palm. Looking up you can tell they see it too, it was purple with sparks of silver. "See?" Itata said sarcastically. It's all to wierd, no one can do magic. No mistaking the glowing hand though, so I nodded to them got up and shot a tendril of light out of your hand. "How?" was all you asked. Royst shrugged "It's magic."
  7. With that exciting lesson you fall asleep only to find a boy, oh no it was Jared!! (your best friend). Was this real? It couldn't be but as you looked around you saw it was his room and he was tied to the bed with a bomb and a note. You read the note, it was in French, man that language was gettin used. Anyway it says 'La méchante reine chasses vos êtres aimés le premier. Ensuite, vous.' Or better known as The Evil Queen hunts your loved ones first. Then you. Man no break was ever going to come for you!
  8. You woke with a start. Time for the tests. Itata came and got you giving you a drink that looked like Orange Juice when you tasted it, it tasted like all the fruits mixed together. You choked it down and follow Itata. You came to a padded room, Itata turned and faced you "Okay, I am a devil so I'm the closest being to the Evil Queen, Let's begin" He smiled as if this excited him, it probally did. He shot a colunm of flame shot out at me, before I thought about anything I had a blast of light destroying the flames. Impressed with myself I giggled and looked at Itata, he had a look of sadness in his eyes. "What?" you ask. He looks at you like its painful for him to say this "_______, I'm supposed to be your lover, the other two are your protector and mentor, I'm your lover."
  9. "My lover?" you ask slightly freaked out. "Yes" he answered looking pained, "it's all the Good Queen's doing." Another person you don't know, wonderful. Before you could say anything back, Royst comes in and says he's ready for your test with him. You follow Royst and in no time your at another padded room. "What we doing" you ask a little eager. "Hand-to-hand combat." You flinch and he attacks you. Little did he know, you knew Karate and hit him in a pressure point. "Do not, and I repeat, do not attack me" you say looking rather innocent. He got up and smiled "Got it, class over, little one!" Instantly you attack him, you HATE that nickname.
  10. Knowing you would attack him, Royst was ready and blocked your attack. "You pass" he says while holding your hands behind your back. Velvetu came in exactly then and said something, not in French or English, you were lost. Royst, not so much "Yes, yes" he said and cleared out of the room. Velvetu came towards you and grabbed a wand for each of us, in a thick accent he said "We begin"

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