magic and boys part 17!

Okay.This is part 17 of magic and boys.Sorry it took so long for part 16 to come out but it's out now! Anyways in this one your gonna be suprised..maybe...

And your gonna get some information that might help you. Comment and rate and take part 18 when it come's out. I'm bored.I'm bored.I'm bored.I.Am.Bored.

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You wake up and you hear a loud music coming from down stairs. You look at your alarm clock. Its 4:18.You walk out of your room and head downstairs. You see the guys.They're playing a game you reconize but you can't remember what it is called. "Guys! Come on its the middle of the night! Don't you ever sleep!" You yell over the music. They look at you and turn down the music. "Its 4:18-" Fang began. "Yeah,4:18 am." You say. "No. 4:18 pm." Says Fang and Max starts laughing.
  2. "Oh.Well that make's me sound stupid." You say laughing a little.Fang smile's. "Hey is that Halo?" You ask. "Yep." Says Alex. "Can I play?" You ask. Max smile's. "Sure." He says and hands you a controler. "Prepare to get beaten boys." You say smiling. "Your on." Says Fang still smiling. The round begins and You get the first kill. Fang came up behind you and shot you. You had a little hiding place.The hiding place was right by a Hornet.
  3. You get in the hornet and start flying it. "Hey! No fair!" Says Max. You laugh and smile. "How is getting in a Hornet not fair?" You ask. "It just is." He says. You laugh and start shooting. You shot Alex for the first time.
  4. You won and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. You opened the fridge and found milk. You look around more and found cereal. Alex walks in. "We're running out of food." He says and gets some cereal with you. "Yep." You say and pour milk in your cereal. "I was wondering if you would go to the movie's with me tonight." He says. You smile. "Sure." You say and he smile's. "Great." He says. "What movie?" You ask. "You pick." He says. "Okay." You say and sit at the table.
  5. You start eating your cereal and Alex come's and sit's by you. Fang and Alex walk in. "Man! You have skills!" Fang says to you. You swallow your food and smile. "Thanks." You say and take another bite. "What time are we going to the movie's?" You ask Alex. "What movie's?" Ask Max. "We are going at 6:30." Says Alex. "What movie's?" Max repeats. "Me and Alex are going to the movies." You tell him. "Oh." He says and and walks out. Alex and Fang shrug and you continue eating. When your done eating you put your bowl in the sink and head upstairs. You get take a quick shower and you find a cute outift and you put on make-up.
  6. You look at your alarm clock.Its 6:15.You head downstairs and when Alex saw you his mouth droped. You smile. "Close your mouth,you'll catch flies." You say. He laughs and closes his mouth. You two head out to your car and he opens the passenger door for you. "Thank you." You say and you get in. Alex walks over to the driver door and he gets in.
  7. When you guys get to the movie theater you decide to see Harry Potter:Deathly Hollow's. You jumped at a few parts and Alex held your hand.
  8. When the movie is done you guys walk out to your car. "I can't wait for part 2!" You say excitedly. "Yeah." Says Alex. "I mean it was full of magic and-" You were interupted because Alex kissed you. At first you were suprised but then you closed your eye's and kissed him back. Alex pulled away and opened the passenger door for you again. You were still a little dazed by the kissed but you got in.
  9. He got in and started driving.You turned on the radio and you turned up the music really loud. You started rocking out and singing to the song as if Alex wasn't even with you. What song were you listening to?
  10. Alex started laughing and your face got cherry red.You guys pulled into the driveway of the mansion and got out.You two walked in holding hands. You started shivering. "Its friggin freezing outside!" You say. You have goosebumps on your arms. "Well it is December." He says. Your head turned in his direction quickly. "What? What day is it? Has it passed Christmas yet? How long have i been here?" You ask in a rush.
  11. He laughs. "Its December 4th.No it hasn't passed Christmas,and You've been here for about a month." He says. "Oh.Well that make's sense." You say. Just then Fang walked up to you guys. "Hey.What took you guys so long?" He asks. "We just got here." Says Alex. "Oh.Well that make's sense." He says. You laugh. "Whats so funny?" He asks. "I just said the same thing." You say. "Oh." He says. "Yeah." You say and walk upstairs.
  12. You change into PJ's and you fall asleep. Your in the Forest again. You look around and you see your great aunt. "Hello." She says and walks up to you. "My name is Alexandria." She says. "Why am i here?" You ask. "To learn about your ancesters." She says. "Why?" you say again. "Because the time is comeing near." She says.
  13. You sigh. "Alexandria?" You say. "Yes?" She asks. "Did people expect things from you? Were you expected to do things you thought you could never do?" You ask. She smile's. "Yes and you are too,i see." You also smile. "Yes." you say. "Something great is going to come out of this.I can feel it." She says. "Okay." You say.
  14. "I am here telling you this stuff because you have to be prepared for anything and everything.Keep on training okay?" She says. "But-" You start to say. "Just trust me." She says. "Okay." You say. "I must go now." She says and disapears.

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