magic and boys part 14!

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here's part 14 of magic and boys! In this one you'll be suprised..maybe..unless you knew all along that Josh was a secret agent! Naw i'm just messing with you! Josh is......

Something else i can't tell you cause that would give it away! If you havn't taken the other quizes then you should leave and go take them now! Comment and rate! Take part 15! Peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. you wake up.You remembered you were walking home.Then you also remembered Josh knocking you out with a baseball bat.You tried to get up but every time you tried you couldn't feel your whole body.You tried to open your eye's but you wern't sure if they were open or closed cause it was pitch dark.You felt like you were floating.You kick your leg but you can't feel anything.
  2. You try to scream but you can't.You feel thick liquid in your mouth. 'am i? No! I can't be!' You think.
  3. You were in an isolation tank!
  4. You just float there. 'Why am i in this thing? more importantly,how am i gonna get out of this thing!' you think.You hear voice's in your head.You tried to make out the words but you couldn't.You came in and out of consiuosness.You figured your phone was ruined from the liguid in the tank so you knew once you got out of here oyu couldn't use it.Then you heard something cracking.
  5. You just float there. 'Why am i in this thing? more importantly,how am i gonna get out of this thing!' you think.You hear voice's in your head.You tried to make out the words but you couldn't.You came in and out of consiuosness.You figured your phone was ruined from the liguid in the tank so you knew once you got out of here oyu couldn't use it.Then you heard something cracking.
  6. You saw light and it hurt your head.You felt someone lifting you up out of the tank.You started screaming becuase of the pain.You couldn't see anything.You felt like you were on a bed.Your vision started getting clearer and you saw a man in a white lab coat.
  7. "Your thoughts are very interesting." he said. You couldn't say anything.You were shocked.He laughed and a door opened. "What are you doing? You know she's suposed to stay in there!" said another person in a white coat.The first one sighed and picked you back up.He walked towards the tank and you started screaming and kicking,but his grip never loosened.He put you in the isolation tank. 'If you can hear my thoughts then hear this,' you thought 'when i get out of this thing i'm gonna make you wish you were never born!I'm gonna hurt you so bad you won't even be able to yell for your mommy!' you think and smile at the thought. 'good luck with getting out then.' he said.
  8. you shirek in frustration but it was soundlesd.You fell back asleep and woke up.You've started to get used to the dark and silence.You started singing a tune in your head and started laughing. 'Oh great! This thing has got me going pshyco now!' you think.You didn't hear a response so you thought they all went home to sleep or something. 'Not me _________.I'm still here.' you heard someone think. The voice was very familiar. 'don't you remember me ________? Its me,Josh.' he thought
  9. 'I am going to kill you!' you thought. 'oooohhhhh! i'm so scared! not!you can hurt me! wanna know why? cause your in a tank!' he said and you could tell he was laughing.'Naw really? I thought i was in a swimming pool filled with honey! Thank you for pointing that out for me!' You thought. 'Don't talk to me like that!' he thought back to you. 'what are you gonna do? after all i am in a tank.' you said and sighed in your head for the dramatic effect.
  10. You could tell he was mad.You heard the same cracking noise like last time and light poured in.You felt Josh grab you by your hair and start to pull you out.You smiled but when you came out of the tank your smile was replaced by screams.The pain that was in your head earlier was back.
  11. Josh slamed you down on the concrete floor.You head hit the concrete and more pain came and you could feel warm liquid in your hair.You see spots for a minute,then you push Josh off of you and he trips over some docter equitment.You got to your feet and ran at him.then you stoped.
  12. You remembered what Fang said about not making the first move.Josh smiled and ran at you.He tried to takle you but you dodged him and he stoped.You turned around and ran at you again,only this time he stoped a couple inches in front of you.You punched you in the stomach and you fell to the ground.You rolled over on your back and he started kicking you in the ribs.
  13. You have blood coming out of your mouth.Josh stops kicking you for a second and you get up.Your eye's orange with red and yellow speckles and red with orange and yellow speckles.Papers near you catches on fire.Josh looks confused.He comes at you and starts throwing punches.You block everyone of them.Now he looks even more confused.He takes a knife and tries stabing you in the stomach but he ends up stabing you in the arm.You look at your arm and then at the blood surrounding it.You look back at josh. "Big mistake!" You say and pull out the knife and you stab him in the stomach.You falls on his knee's and the fire around you gets bigger.He looks up at you and then behind you.You turn around and you see the same guy in a white coat running at you.
  14. He grabs your wrists and twists them behind your back.You try to fight back but it doesn't work.He picks you up and starts walking towards the isolation tank.You start screaming and kicking him,but his grip doesn't loosen.All of a sudden the guys lets go of you and you fall.He turns around and you stand up.The fire starts to get big again.
  15. You see Alex,Max,and Fang.You sigh in relief and then you look at the guy in the labcoat.You run up to him and tackle him.You pin him on the ground and he take's out a knife and stabs you in the stomach.Your eye's got big and you saw black dots again but you didn't give up.The guys saw the blood and ran up to you and Alex pulled you off of him.You couldn't breathe and the black dot's started growing bigger.
  16. But you don't back down yet.You get up and walk over to the guy in the lab coat.You find him and he's barley breathing.You hear the guys yelling and saying stop but you ignore them.You pick up the knife that Josh had and you twisted it in your fingers.
  17. Alex is beside you. 'We need information first' he thinks.You nod. "Who are you?" You ask. "Im not telling you nothing!" He says. "I said who are you?!?" You demand. "John." He says. "Who do you work for?" you ask. "Janise." He says.You look at Alex and he nods.You smile and grabs his hair. "Good-bye John." You say and you slit his throat.
  18. You drop the knife and you hug all of the boys in a big group hug. "I'm sorry." You whisper.They don't talk. "Thanks for saving me." You say. "You would have done fine by yourself." Says Alex. You smile at him.He smile's back. "I'm sorry." He says.You nod and hug him.
  19. "We should get out of this place." Says Fang.You look around you and the whole place is burning!The guys start running towards the door.You follow them and you go out the door.Your in a hallway now.Its hard to run because your still soaked with the thick liquid so your kind of behind.A board falls in front of you and you scream.You jump over the board and you start to run faster.
  20. You catch up with the boys. "Where's the exit?!?" You shout over the roar of the flames. "There!" Max shouts and points to a door that says EXIT. You guys start to run faster.Fang pushes the door open and a cool breeze hit's your face.
  21. You look at your surroundings.Your in a forest and everything is quiet except the roar of the flames.You look back at the one place and you start walking. Then the whole place calapses on the ground making a huge sound that makes the birds fly out of trees.
  22. thats it for part 14! Take part 15! Comment and rate! Peace!

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