Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 6)

Hey guys wassup? The guys aren't really here much in this part, I'm really sorry! But they will be in the next part! I promise!

In this part, you and Nyla try to find Felicity and learn something else from Nyla. Then you guys meet someone you've always wanted to meet and get introduced to another obstacle in your mission!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. Panting, you stabbed the dead hydra again in the gut. Your eyes returned to normal color. You turned to the guys and ask softly, "Did I pass the test?" they smile. "You have a B+," they say. You snarl. "Why?" "Well..." they start, "We had wounded the hydra already, so it was easier. You also killed him the same way you did in your previous life."
  2. "At least you passed!" Nyla chirped happily in her 'human' form. You half-smile back but then ask the guys, "Is Silam really your half-brother?" the guys' smiles lowered. Eulisses snarled something unintelligible and stormed out of the cave with his brothers. 'That was odd,' you think. You and Nyla- and probably Felicity were still in the cave. 'Speaking of Felicity,' you think. "Nyla? Do you know what happened to Felicity?" she shrugged. "I dunno." you glared at her. "Do you even care?" you ask her. She sighed. "Come with me. We'll talk in the car." "No," you insist, tugging on her sleeve. "Can you just tell me why the guys are so mad? And what's wrong with Felicity?"
  3. She sighed. "All right," she said. She leaned against the rock wall and slid down. You sat down beside her. "Upiorzyca? You listening?" "Yep." "Upiorzyca, before our mother was married to our father, she was already forcedly married to an evil man. That's how Silam was born. Finally, our mother escaped the evil mans' clutches and ran away. She fell in love with our father, which is why they're married. But our father had already known that she had married the evil man. He just didn't want to miss the chance of marrying her. Meanwhile, Silam and his father had come to know of this. While we were celebrating our father's birthday, Silam and his father launched a surprise attack on us. My brothers quickly swatted them off, which was easy after years and years of strict practice and training routines. They've been arch enemies ever since, and they hate it when people say his name. I wasn't really part of the story because I was just born," she said, smiling.
  4. "As for Felicity," she continued, "Well, we were sorta like rivals. When we're training, we have to pass many challenges to actually complete our training. My brothers and father have passed them a long, long, LONG time ago. Me and Felicity were fierce competitors. We both wanted to be the first to finish the challenges. The harder the challenges grew, the less we cared for each other. And we were best friends when we were younger... I just don't know what to think, Upiorzyca. We're rivals. If I leave her, then I won't have to complete the challenges with the fear of her winning. But at the same time, she used to be my bff, and I don't want her to die. Help me, Upiorzyca. I don't know what to do." you think for a while and say, "I think you should rescue her. If you save her, she'll probably let you win to owe you for saving her life." Is that a good idea?
  5. Nyla takes your advice and rushes off into the cave. She came back thirty minutes later- without Felicity. You frown. "What happened?" she growled. "Silam's father kidnapped her. We must tell my brothers." and you and Nyla rush off into the blinding sunlight and hopped into the Land Rover.
  6. Nyla tells everybody what happened. The guys looked at eachother and back at the cave. They sighed. "Who knows where he and Felicity are right now," they whisper softly. "Come on, guys!" you yell. "This isn't a frickin yoga class! Where do you think the father and Felicity are now?" Damon looked at you and cocked his head to the side, studying you. You shrank back in your seat. Viktor nudged Granger and whispered something in his ear. Granger passed it on to Eulisses. Eulisses looked at Damon and he nodded. Eulisses asked, "Upiorzyca?" "Yeah?" "Where did Silam say the Mother was?" you tried to recall it, and you say, "Some place called The Caverns of Death." Damon sighed. "More caves. No free space for flying." But Viktor had raised one eyebrow and was looking at you. He looked at Granger; he was probably telling Granger to say what he was going to say through his mind. Granger looked at you and said, "I believe what Viktor has predicted is right. If Silam serves the Mother, then his father must serve her also. He must have brought Felicity to her and is probably forcing her to spill out our information." Damon and Eulisses nodded their heads in agreement. Nyla suddenly said, "But we don't know where The Caverns of Death are!"
  7. The guys looked at each other again and answered, "We shall ask our father." Nyla looked scared. Viky noticed this, smiled and asked her, "What is wrong?" Nyla shuddered and said, "I'm still scared that he'll be mad at me for losing that match in volleyball." Eulisses smiled as he turned on the engine. "That was when you were five years old, Nyla," he said, and started driving you all to the airport.
  8. In three hours, you guys land back in DHQ. You all enter it. Then Viktor takes off a soft Persian carpet, showing a secret trapdoor that was expertly hidden by floor tiles. "Upiorzyca," they all whispered. The trapdoor opened. They all grinned at you and stepped in. Nyla winked at you and stepped in. You went in last. You follow the guys downstairs and see a man typing on a computer. Gadgets whirred and buzzed around the room. The guys and Nyla leaped into a surprise hug in their father's arms. He laughed, a low, resonant sound. "Why have you come here?" he asked. Nyla sat in her father's lap. The guys still remained in the hug. "We want to know where The Caverns of Death are, for that is where the Mother lives." they said. The father looked at them and showed them a map. You didn't bother to pay attention because you didn't get a thing. You walked out of the trapdoor when suddenly, someone knocked you down.
  9. The girl who knocked you down looked exactly like Silam! She snarled at you, "I am Silam's sister. I have come for revenge!" you get up, yanking her off you, your eyes glowing red. You release a skull shattering punch but she blocked it easily. You decided to go harder on her. You guys fought and fought until she finally fell. Then, next to her, you see Felicity lying in the ground, pale and frail.
  10. "Felicity," you murmur. Silam's sister grinned and croaked, "You defeated me. You may have her." you stepped next to Felicity and touch her- but your hand goes right through her body! 'It's an illusion!' you think. Right then, Silam's sister sprang up and knocked you to the ground and cackled, "Fool! You little idiot! Have those boys taught you at all yet?"
  11. Before you can do anything, Silam's sister knocks you out and takes you away- but where? COOOOMMMMMEEEEENNNNNTTTT!!!!!!

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