Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 4)

Part 4! Yay! I like pie and apples and oranges and books and and snakes and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

So, in this part, we'll see what happens with you and the attacker. You'll also go somewhere and meet a new friend of the same gender. Then you'll get introduced to a change of plans- and a mission. Oooh! Read on to find what happens!

Created by: Mythologyfreak
  1. Yeah... So we left off at the attacker, right? Okay.... So, you twist in the attackers' death grip which took a lot of effort to look into his face. Instead, he twisted your neck right back the way it came from and smashed your head right on to the sharp piece of broken glass on the table. A searing jolt of pain sprung in your head and rushed through your body, making you curl your toes and scream. The attacker snarled in your ear. "Those stupid trainers of yours are getting nowhere with you, Upiorzyca. You're gonna die before that happens."
  2. You feel blood trickle down your head and down to the floor. Your head is bursting with pain and you knew you couldn't make it. But that feeling was taken over by a seething and boiling anger that welled up inside you for revenge. Your eyes grew blood red. "Oh really, Anthony, follower of the Mother?" you snarled, ignoring the pain. How do you know who Anthony is? I'll tell you later. Anyway, you continue, "I will squish your brains out of your head single handedly you MORON!" you roar, ripping out of his grasp. He stared at you in horror. You grabbed him by his shirt and twisted his head all the way around. You grinned at the sickening snap of his bones. Then you let lose a powerful jumping front kick, knocking him onto the wall so hard that he slid onto the floor and a pool of blood surrounded him.
  3. After some time, you heard someone say behind you, "It seems you have been introduced to Upiorzyca's fiery personality," it said.
  4. It was Damon. They were watching you the whole time! You ask them, "What-exactly- happened to me?" you stammer, pointing at the now dead Anthony, whoever he was. Eulisses said, "You're becoming the true Upiorzyca, the Warrior Girl. In our training session, we weren't actually training you. We were trying to summon the sleeping spirit of her out of your body by doing something that related to fighting. Fighting was Upiorzyca's favorite thing to do, but we didn't want to hurt you by forcing you to do all those complicated moves." you ponder it for a while. Then you asked, "So when you meant sleeping spirit, doesn't that mean she took over my body?" you say a little angrily. Granger arched one pierced eyebrow. "No," he said. "Let us sleep, shall we? It is late for our Warrior Girl," he said, smiling at you.
  5. Viktor frowned at what Granger said. He nudged him on the elbow and whispered something in his ear. You strain your hearing but he was talking extremely soft. Finally, when they pulled away, you ask, "What happened?" Viktor sighed. All he said was, "There has been a change of plans," he told you reluctantly. You snorted. "Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean," you say sarcastically. Viktor ignored you. "We must go," he whispered. "GO WHERE?!" you scream in frustration. Damon grumbled but said, "Do not shout at Viktor, please. He just does not like talking. Anyway, we must go to DHQ. It stands for Devil's Headquarters. He had it built specially for us and and all of the others who swore to fight for Hell. We can do many activities there- train, educate ourselves, watch for enemies or spies, and plan. We must go there immediately for DHQ has spotted something-ah, let us just leave it at 'very bad' for now."
  6. The guys snapped their fingers and in the blink of an eye, you were in front of a large, black, dome shaped building. The door was large enough to fit an elephant and had a drawbridge. Eulisses shouted something and the drawbridge slowly creaked open, forming a bridge over a moat of water filled with poisonous snakes, electric eels and snapping crocodiles. The door had fangs sticking out from the roof and teeth also. As you walked underneath it, you realized they were actually huge, razor sharp spikes that were used to fall on enemy invaders. So, you walked inside. It was amazing. Boys and girls stood and walked around, talking about battle strategies. Men and women talked about the possible weaknesses of the Mother. Gadgets that you didn't recognize whirled around you. Books piled on bookshelves reached the ceiling which was humongous. "Hey, ______!" Eulisses called. "Come on over here! You're gonna meet somebody!"
  7. You hurried over to him and the guys. There, standing next to them, was a girl. She wore a short denim jacket over a black tank top and black shoes. She had purple wavy hair all the way down to her thighs, matching purple eyeshadow and gray eyes. "______, meet Nyla, our sister. She's a Death Dragon. Nyla, meet ______, I mean, Upiorzyca," Eulisses finished. Then he went to talk with his brothers. Nyla nodded curtly at you. "Hello," she said stiffly. Her voice was gruff and commanding. The kind of voice that you don't like.
  8. There was an awkward silence. You broke it by saying, "SO.... Whaddyou like to do in your freetime?" Nyla shrugged. "I usually like to turn into my Death Dragon form and... Scare people to death, I must say," she said, grinning evilly at the ceiling. "But my father forbade me from doing it. Still I do. Killing is my passion and nobody can stop me." you stared at her in admiration for her determination. Then you said, "Your brothers brought me here because they said something bad's happening. What is it?"
  9. "Well, it looks like Heaven is giving us a chance to live," Nyla said. "What's the catch?" you ask. "The catch is that we are given a challenge." "What's the challenge?" "To kill the Mother. The Mother has been cruel to the angels when they were serving her as part of the deal. The challenge is to kill her, which is a much more dangerous mission than you can imagine." "But the Mother created you all. Won't you all-well, die?" "She already created us. Even if she kills all of us, it's not possible for her to completely destroy her creations."
  10. You breathe in and let it out, trying to relax. "Did you guys agree to the challenge?" "Yup, my brothers already did, with permission from our father. He's the ruler of Hell if you didn't know that," she said proudly. Nyla seemed like a nice person after all! Suddenly the guys appeared around you. "Nyla?" Granger asked. "Did you tell Upiorzyca about everything?" "Yup! Oh, yeah, ______? I mean, Upiorzyca? The mission starts tomorrow at three PM. Okay? I'll show you to my room. You're sleeping with me."
  11. She showed you to her room. You went straight to bed after a long day and after the guys each kissing you good night. Viktor's was a bit shy and sudden but you complimented him by giving him a small peck on the cheek. He quickly walked away, blushing, if vampires do. You set your alarm clock to wake you up at five because you wanted to train quickly, and fell asleep in the soft bed next to Nyla.

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