Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 2)

ALL RIGHT!!!! The sequel to part one is here! If you didn't take part one, TAKE IT. 'Cause this'll all sound like crap to you and you'd probably rate it low.... Anyways.....

This part is really sad. Really, really sad. But I promise that in the next part I'll include some action when you begin training! In this part, you'll learn the dudes' names (finally) and learn about their sad past. Psst- I'll give away one secret- they're all brothers!

Created by: Mythologyfreak
  1. Just in case you didn't read all the answers in the last question in part one, you were running to catch the bus when you black out.
  2. In what seemed like an instant, your eyes snap open. You struggle to get up, but you were so limp and weak that you couldn't move. Then, you hear a voice next to you. And guess who it was? It was BLONDIE!!!!! "Hey, _______! You okay?" he asks. You just stare at him and explode, "DID YOU KNOCK ME OUT, YOU SON OF A B-" before you can say anything, he says worriedly, "______, I'm really, really sorry. I truly regret what we did. I-" "WE?!" you interrupt. "_____, please let me explain." you nod, but relunctantly. "Look, we're not ordinary mortals. We're different beings. You see, I'm a Dark-" he gets interrupted by the door opening.
  3. The polished, elegant, ancient wooden door creaks open and Blackie, Brownie, and Whitie stride in, settling themselves in plush, black, leather sofas before switching their focus to you. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!" you scream. "Shhh," the three of them say. You look at Blondie. He's glowering at them, pure hatred visible in his eyes. "I said where am I? I have the frigging right to know," you growl. Whitie, Brownie, and Blackie sigh. "How about we start from the beginning?" they say. "You'd better," you say.
  4. "Long, long ago, before Earth was formed, there lived two realms, Heaven and Hell. We were sworn enemies, forever doomed to fight endless, bloody wars against each other. We are from Hell. However, there is one exception. We are good, but in evil ways. The angels from Heaven on the other hand, signed a treaty with the Mother of the whole supernatural world. The Mother swore to end Hell once and for all. The angels in turn would serve her forever. Already there is chaos in Hell. Young children and babies are being brutally killed. Women and girls are being kidnapped. Men and boys are being murdered ruthlessly. The Devil is losing his power. If the Mother does any more damage, the whole Hell realm will fall apart, including all its' inhabitants. We are part of them. We were assigned a mission, one day, to find the Warrior Girl. The Warrior Girl was the bravest and strongest girl in Hell. She defeated anyone who crossed her path. Until finally, one day, she was strangled to death. We held a great funeral for her, until we found that she had been reborn into this world. We have been searching for thousands of years, until we finally found you. Your DNA matched the previous Warrior Girl's exactly. We need you, _______, to help save our realm and defeat the Mother and Heaven forever, for the good of the world."
  5. "Wow," you murmured. "So who are you guys?" "And what exactly do you mean by that?" Whitie asked. "I mean, what are your powers?" "Does that have anything to do with who we are?" Blackie asked. "Stop making fun of me!" you yell. "We're making fun of you?" Brownie asked. They all smirk at you. You look at Blondie for help, but he only storms out of the room. You stare after him, wondering what his problem is.
  6. "Can you just tell me your names?" you yell. They all chuckled. "At least it is better than calling us Whitie, Brownie, Blackie, and Blondie...." they say. You blush. Whitie says, "My name is Granger. I am a Ghost." Brownie says, "My name is Damon. I am a Dark Angel." Blackie says, "My name is Viktor. I am a vampire." "What's Blondie?" "Ah, well, your Blondie, Eulisses, is a Dark Elf."
  7. "May I ask you guys a few questions?" you ask. "Go right on ahead." "Granger, since you're a ghost, isn't that why you snatched your hand away on the bus?" he nodded, smiling. "Does Warrior Girl have a name?" you ask next. "As a matter of fact, yes," they say. "Her name was Upiorzyca." "Last question. Why does Eulisses hate you guys so much?" you ask. "Ah... Well, he is a very friendly and social person. We are not at all like that, so we do not get along very well." "Oh," you say. After an awkward moment of silence, you start, "But-" "Your parents are taken care of. We will train you in sorcery, fighting, and educate you. Then, we must join the war against the Mother. Do you understand?" "Yes, sirs," you say. They stand up and walk out the door.
  8. You sat and thought about all that had happened so far. You get up and walk to the closet. There's a bunch of clothes for you to wear. What do you wear?
  9. You plop on the bed and fall asleep. You have a nightmare. You are in a horrible prison cell, stained with fresh and old blood. All around you are cries and shrieks of agony and pain. In front of you, you see an executor raising a spear at a woman. She guarded her four children. You realize the children are Eulisses, Damon, Granger, and Viktor when they were just about six years old. The woman said fiercely to the executor, "Kill me. Spare the children. Just let me say my last words to them." the executor grunted. "Five minutes," he snarled. The woman started speaking to them. "No matter what happens, you must not grieve. You must accomplish your mission. Remember, you may not be able to see me, but I am always with you. I will never leave your hearts." the boys sniffled and hugged their mother tightly. Their mother cried softly too. "Five minutes are over," grunted the executor. The mother stood up. "I am ready," she said. The last thing you heard before getting up was a slashing sound and four children wailing loudly for their dead mother to wake up. When you woke up, you realized you were crying. Tears had drenched your face.
  10. You get up and run down the stairs, crying loudly as you went. Finally, you run into them and cry your heart out on their chests. "_____," they murmured, rubbing your back. "What is wrong?" "I had a dream," you sniffled. "I saw how your mother died." they sighed. "______. It will be all right. How about we eat dinner and start training tomorrow? Hmmm?"
  11. "Okay," you say. FAST FORWARD- after eating, you guys watch a movie. You fall asleep on _______'s shoulder. ______ picks you up and takes you to your room. Who is it?

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