Interview With The 'Not Any Mortal Boys' Characters!


In this quiz, the following characters will be interviewed- the Father, Nyla, Damon, Granger, Eulisses, and Viktor. The results are all the same. They're stupid so don't read them. This is just an interview so who cares about your results? No offense.

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Okay, so! Let's begin the interview with the characters! The series isn't finished yet, this is just like an intermission!!!
  2. Let's start with-NYLA! Me- So Nyla, do you think Upiorzyca (which is you) is a good friend? Nyla- Well, yeah! She's pretty nice but dumb sometimes. Like when she asked 'Why's it night' when you know it's always dark when you're in Hell. Yeah, but still, Nyla's a good friend. She gives good advice. Me- Do you get jealous that your brothers dote on Upiorzyca so much? Nyla- Well- yes. I have to admit it. My brothers think I'm annoying because I'm so noisy but Upiorzyca is as annoying as I am and they pay so much attention to her! Me- Okay, Nyla! Hope you feel better! Nyla- Thanks!
  3. Now, we're moving on to- VIKTOR! Me- So, Viktor, what are your feelings toward Upiorzyca? Viktor- Uh... She is very beautiful and amusing. I- well- I- um- I VERY MUCH LOVE HER, ALL RIGHT? There, I have the words out of my mouth. Me- Well, Viktor, how did you feel when Anthony injured Upiorzyca in the head? Viktor- Ah, Anthony. I felt like how Damon and Granger did. I felt that she had practice a lot more with her newfound strength. We also expected a different way of killing the hydra. Eulisses was not part of this, for his heart yearns to be with Upiorzyca and nowhere else. Me- Thanks for being with us today, Viktor! Bye! Viktor- *grumbles and walks out of room.*
  4. Up next is- GRANGER! Me- So, Granger, how do you feel about your brothers? Granger- My brothers... I love them- not as you mortals would call us gay. I love them as a family. However, I connect with Viktor and Damon the best. They are both shy, quiet, and confident as I am. Eulisses, however, is too confident and boistress. We three just cannot get along with his behavior. We want to, but he makes it so hard for us. Me- Okay, so, how did you feel when you first saw Upiorzyca on the bus? Granger- I did not know what to feel. This is a difficult question, I must say. I shall ponder this. Me- All right, Granger, thanks! Granger- *pushes next person into room.*
  5. Coming up is- DAMON! Me- Hey, Damon! First question is, do you think it's a good idea to rescue Felicity or Upiorzyca first? Damon- What a silly question. I would of course rescue Upiorzyca first! For Felicity has been in DHQ for a long time. She must be able to cope with what the Mother is doing to her. Upiorzyca, however, has just come in a very unexpected manner. She must be the first one to be rescued. Me- Are you just trying to hide your feelings for her? Damon- NO! I- no, I am not. I am just trying to do my job properly. All right, I do have feelings for her. It is partially because of my first answer and my emotions. Me- Thanks, Damon! You can go! Damon- *awkwardly walks out of room.*
  6. Finally, here comes- EULISSES! Me- Hey, Eulisses! So, when you first saw Upiorzyca, how did you feel? Eulisses- Uh yeah what up? Um... How did I feel? *whines-* Do I have to tell you? Me- Yes. Eulisses- Fine. I felt like I just wanted to be next to her. To be connected with her for all my life. I love her so much, I just hope she knows that. I felt this way ever since she looked at me on the bus. Me- How did you feel when Upiorzyca called you cute in the painting? Eulisses- I felt that she also started to have feelings for us. She'd called us cute and depends on us for survival more than Nyla and Felicity. I hope she loves me more than my brothers... Don't tell them I said that! Me- Thanks for being here with me! Bye! Eulisses- *scratches head and walks out of room.*
  7. Last person- FATHER! Me- Hello! My first question is, how do you feel about your children? Father- That is a very easy question. I love them more than I love myself. Whenever they are nearby, I feel comfortable and at ease, for I know that they are always here by me, no matter how far away they are. They know how to take care of themselves, and I have faith in them. Me- Okay! I hope you don't feel offended by this question- Do you miss your wife? Father- Yes. I do. She would always cheer the children up whenever they feel down. She was an excellent partner on my missions. She was alert and sharp, always knowing what to do at the exact time. I loved her and she loved me. I could not believe that she had died when I had learned of the news. I had felt that the world was upon my shoulders, with no one to be with the children and no one to accompany me. Me- I am so sorry! See you soon! Father- *nods head and walks out of room.*
  8. How was the interview? At the end of the series, there'll be interviews on other characters as well!!!
  9. Huh... Twelve questions... So how's life people? Oh yeah have you ever watched Race to Witch Mountain??? I loved it! If you didn't, you should watch it!!!
  10. Guys for this quiz, it doesn't really matter if you comment or not, but rating really matters! Rate please!!!

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