A Vampires love...bites part 2

You seen part 1 now you see part 2 with a new person.....or wolf! But don't worry he won't bite you!! He will bite the boys!! But that's part 3!!! You get a letter!

A letter? Yes a letter from a wolf wich is really on of the boys!!! Who is it? I will tell you it's out of Justin, Josh, Max and Ty!! Sorry really I can't tell!!

Created by: Isabella

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  1. "ok" you say Ty walks out of the room. Next is Max but Justin and Josh stay. " You things are near the door" Josh says " Thanks" you say He kiss you on the head then walks out! Justin looks at you then he walks out! You get dress in
  2. Whatever you put on the guys like it! Their is only one seat left and it's in the middle of Justin and Josh. You sit down you eat Ty is trying to look away from you! He can't so he looks at the floor! Justin is slowly moveing closer to you! So is Josh! Max is l eating like you! When you done you go to you're room! And sit on the bed! Justin comes in you don't see him lock the door! " hey Justin " you say as you fall on the bed. Justin say " Do you like to steal things?". "No" you say " Because I think you just stole my heart" He smile and then he look at you're neck " Are you ok?" You say " yes" he says and walks out of the room!
  3. You open you window to let some air in! You fall on you're bed you feel sleepily you close you eyes when some paper hits you it says: All day All night I think of you From the light. I wait and wait All day and night I wait and wait from Dark to light.
  4. You look out the window you see a wolf at the start of the forest look at you! There is a nock at the door it is Max. " Hi ?" " Hi Max!" you smile! " Do you want to learn how to fight?" Max asked " you bet!" You say Max walks out. You look out the window agian the wolf is gone.
  5. You fall asleep the next day you are wake at 3:00 am. By Justin yelling " FINE YOU DO IT!! WITHOUT ME!!" Ty says " We need you justin!" Justin says back " JOSH SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE HE SAID YOU JUST WANT HER POWER ON YOURE SIDE YOU DON'T LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!" Max walks in youre room knowing you awake " Sorry about this!!" "Its ok. They can fight just not at 3:00am!!!" you say about to yell! Max laughs. Then Josh yells back at Justin "WELL IT'S TRUE" max says " you get dressed I try and stop the yelling" He gets to the door when you say " max good luck you will need it" He laugh again
  6. That's it sorry!!!!
  7. Who do you like so far?
  8. I have to ask 12 questions
  9. Do you like vampires
  10. Bye

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