A Vampire love...bites part 5

5 you meet blue skin!! You have a flash back!!! What happens?? Find out now!!!!! You might have a kind heart!! And I am sure you all do!!!!!!_! :)!!!!

Things start to become clear!!! Verry slowly!!!!!:( we'll any ways you have 3days to do something!! But you don't know what!!!!!!! You will find that out in part 6!!

Created by: Isabella

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  1. "Don't mix?" you ask Suddley a gush of wind came and Blue skin appeared he said "Hi. I going to be nice... This time you have 3 days!! Now ta ta!" and with that he was gone
  2. "what was that about?" You ask They pull you out of you're room and Josh explains about *First bias* (Blue skin). And how he was one of the 1st four! The 1st four is about
  3. The was the powerful until he went EVIL " So he bad and powerful?" you ask hy nod
  4. You fall asleep. You have a weird dream!it is more like a flash back. You at on a boat with the guys
  5. Ty say " Hey ?" Yes give him a evil stare one of his lame jokes. You roll you eyes. Then the boat breaks you are going to die!! Well so you think!
  6. Ty saves you than you all float down the river. You all go different ways! Then you open you eyes
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