Through The Eyes Of A Vampire pt.2

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This is part 2 to the first quiz, Through The Eyes of A Vampire. The journey continues in this second half,and again, only you can choose the roads you take as a creature of immortality.

It's time to continue what you started in Through The Eyes of a Vampire part 2. Choose your actions wisely and MAKE SURE you have taken part 1 before you start this one. Have fun!

Created by: Lee_Laceration

  1. First,I'll need to know what Vampire you were as a result on the last quiz...
  2. Sid the Vampire (from part 1) has introduced you to his coven. It is a coven of four Vampires: Sid, August, Trinity, and Vin. You are now the fifth Vampire in the coven. How do you feel?
  3. To celebrate the new member of the coven, they decide to take you hunting with them in the middle of the night in the city. As you're with them,you...
  4. Suddenly, you find yourself alone in the city. The coven has gone too fast and left you behind by accident. As you look for them,you come across a little boy with short black hair sitting alone in the street crying. You smell him and your hunger takes over. What do you do?
  5. The boy explains his name is Toby and he is lost. You tell him to go to the police but he follows you home anyway. As you're opening the door to the mansion,the boy runs into you and you don't realize it's him,so you whip around in attack mode and bite the boy's neck. After seeing that it's Toby, you release him and back up. He's crying in pain.
  6. You take Toby into your home and lay him down on the couch. He is changing immortal. Suddenly, the coven arrives and sees him. August (a tall male Vampire with long crimson hair) steps forward and says "what the hell is this?" You say..
  7. Trinity (a shorter atractive female Vampire with long auborn hair and black eyeliner) drags you into the kichen to speak with you alone. She says "you should have better control over yourself. Now what are you going to do???" You say...
  8. You take Toby outside with you and he is saying he's ways he's never felt before. You'll have to do something.
  9. After Toby has fed, you both go into the mansion and he falls alseep on the couch. You step out on the balcony to stare at the view. Trinity comes out to join you and stands next to you. She whispers "you have more responsibilty than I thought...I like that." She places a kiss on your neck and you...?
  10. You wake up the next morning,Toby is still asleep. You go downstairs and see that everyone is watching TV. It's a news flash that a boy is missing and the whole city is on the search. You see the missing boy is Toby. The coven is angry with you. Vincent stands up and panics. "Crap, what are we gonna do! They'll find out about our existence!"
  11. You and Sid go to the basement alone to brain storm. You sit down together. Sid looks at you and says "Exactly,what are you going to do about this? This is big.We can't send him back home,not as a Vampire."
  12. Sid says "We'll have to leave the city before sunrise with Toby. There's no other options and we can't send him back. We'll stay gone...just until the people give up searching." You agree. You both go back up to announce the news to the others. August is infuriated that they are being forced to leave their home. He jumps toward you and bares his teeth to fight. What do you do?
  13. Sid breaks you and August up in time before you harm each other. You see Toby in the corner of your eye at the back of the room,he is heartbroken and runs into the next room crying.
  14. You wait until nightfall before your coven heads out. You are now the leader and must decide where to go and what to do. As you're leaving the house,a group of teenagers are approaching.Think fast!
  15. Your coven accidently crosses other Vampire territory as you're wandering the city. Five angry Vampires appear before you, teeth bared and hissing visciously. You stand in front of your coven protectively.
  16. You pass the territory and continue on your way. Toby hugs up to you, crying and says "I'm sorry,this is all my fault." You say?
  17. Sid explains that you have one of 5 options out of the city...pick one.
  18. You're gonna comment this quiz,yeah?:)

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