That One Night... (part 3)

sorry its been so long but i have been really busy with test and stuff... so its all school stuff. i will try to get them out faster but the may not come out very soon. maybe 1 a week

Randy- your mortal boyfriend. has black hair, shaggy, covers eyes. but has grey eyes. Drake- vampire that saved your life and now watches over you. black hair, red streaks, beautiful brown eyes.

Created by: xVaMpIrEx

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  1. you open the door and see Randy. he greets you with a kiss and helps you onto his black and red motorcycle.
  2. you arive at the Alley in a few minutes. Randy opens the door for you and leads you to lane 3. you see your best friend Destinee (me) and her boyfriend Alexander. Destinee has dark brown hair with greenish-blue eyes, and Alex has black hair and green eyes
  3. ya'll decide on two teams Alex and Destinee agaist you and Randy
  4. time flies by so fast 1 hour feels like 5 minutes. team Destinee and Alex won by one point (yes i just has to win).
  5. as you walk out the door you see the only other two guys that were there leave too. Randy helps you onto the motorcycle and drives away. you notice a midnight blue van following you. the same one the guys at the Alley left in
  6. Randy helps you off the motorcycle and leads you to the door way. he tells you good night and gives you a long goodbye kiss.
  7. you go into your house, lock the door and watch Randy drive away. then i of the corner of you eye you see the van.
  8. you go up the stairs into your room and see Drake sitting on your bed. you sit beside him and say "what were you talking about before i left..." "Well i told you that you have vampire blood in you because you great grandmother was one." Yea i remember that" "i also told you that she was the queen.. but i didnt tell you that she was..
  9. "she was murdered ____ because she well a mortal found out that she was a vampire." you feel sorrow for you grandmother. then remember something. "so why am i supposed to be watched by you?" "because the person that killed your grandmother told his children about it. now one of those children have realized you a decendant."
  10. "your tired i should go now." Drake says. your about to protest but realize that you are tired. "but you will be watching me right?" you say. Drake laughs and kisses your forhead. "always."

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