just a who will you fall for quiz part 12

This part might be a bit confusing. Just a warning. I wrote this using over 3 nights. My mind has been wandering and had a lot to think about this past week. Every night my mind had different feelings so the plot has different tones. ♫

If you read the paragraph above, thanks. You'll know why this might be a crappy part. Secrets will be reviled and everything you might have believed has all changed. There's a little secret message in the quiz. Try to recognize it and tell me what you think it is in the comments. ♥

Created by: Hazdam
  1. "Why would you do this?" you ask backing away. "It was the only way! I had to do it for the both of us!" Michael pleads. "Please understand!" You clutch you hair and shake your head and ask, "I want some answers first." "Before that, let me tell you something." You stand there impatiently. "It was me who hurt Lucas."
  2. Your eyes whip open. 'It was JUST a dream.' you think. Looking around you notice you're in your room. Looking over to the side of your bed, you see the clock. 12:49. "Lunch." you grumble. Getting up, you look down and you fall back onto the bed.
  3. Your clothes. They're the same from the last time you remember, fighting with Michael. Controlling yourself, you slowly make you way down the stairs and into the kitchen. You nearly faint when you see Michael sitting at the table. His back is to you.
  4. 6. "Hello _____. That was a rough morning." Michael says turning around, "How 'bout you take a seat next to me." he says with a calming smile. Cautiously you sit in the seat directly across from him. "Where. Are. My. Parents." you say not taking your eyes off his intense blue eyes. "Oh, I've sent them off somewhere. Don't worry. Their in a good place." he say calmly, but you can still feel the evil in his voice. "You said you wanted answers. You can't get any answers without questions, now can you?" Michael says leaning forward.
  5. "Okay...who are you really? I'm pretty sure that you really aren't a person named Michael," you say not taking your eyes off his intense blue eyes. "I-I told you. My name is M-I-C-H-A-E-L!" he bursts out. Sighing you stand up. "Please, we need to talk." Michael stands up and starts to walk away. "Sit down." you say, "It's just a talk." He smiles politely back at you and takes a seat. You sit across from him and smile right on through. You look out the window on your right, and Michael looks to his left. Between the lines of fear and blame, you begin to wonder why you got out of bed at all.
  6. You say breaking the silence, "Now. I'm sure I know who you really are. Please tell me." "Why should I tell you?" he grumbles. "I can't trust your word if you can't even tell me what your really name is!"
  7. "Humph. I well I bet there's one thing that you know is true," he says leaning forward. "What?" you ask slightly curious. "I'm pretty sure you believed me when I said I hurt Lucas." He says with an evil smile. A tear rolls down your cheek as you look away.
  8. "You did do you? I can see it in your eyes. You swore that you would figure out who did that horrible thing and kill him. Right." You don't say anything. Michael laughs and leans back into his chair.
  9. You cough. "T-t-that's true. But how do you know th-." "Who do you think I am? You're right! I am someone else! Who?" he says with fear in his eyes. " Y-you didn't answer my question," you stammer. "Eh. Once you tell me who you think I really am, then you'll understand."
  10. 12. "J-Jo..." you struggle to get the name out. "Who?" Mi-or whoever he is asks." "Joseph? Is...it you?" He shakes his head. "Huh. You guessed it." he says shrugging.
  11. "Joseph...why would you do all of this?" you say looking at his sad little face. He gives you a disappointed look. "Why do you wanna know? If I told you, you would never be able to trust me again."
  12. You protest, "That's not true! I would ne-" "Don't give me that s---! I know you, _____. I know that you would forget about me and go run to your weak boyfriend and make-out with him all day!" He scowls at you and storms out of your house. Being his best friend, you know that Joseph just needs some time to cool off. He'll eventually talk to you again...hopefully.
  13. With tears rolling down your face, you slowly trudge to your car. You decide to go see Lucas. You haven't seen him in a while and he's the only one who doesn't hate you right now. When you get to the hospital, you walk to the ICU department and call for Lucas. "I'm sorry. Lucas isn't able to have any visitors today." the lady on the other line says glumly. "Why? Is something wrong?" you ask worried. "He just got out of surgery. If you really want to see him, you can. He just won't be able to talk to you."
  14. "Okay..." you say. Slowly walking to Lucas' room, you wonder what you'll tell him. Should you say who hurt him? Ask how he's doing? Tell him about what Jacob was about to do to you? You decide to just tell him what ever comes out of your mouth. When you get to his door, you slowly open it. As you walk over to his bed, you sigh. "I can't believe he did this..." You look at his bruised face, then watch the rising and falling of his stomach. "Who?" you hear. You look around. "Who?" you hear again. You look at Lucas' face and say, "Lucas...h-how are you?" "You didn't answer my question. Who?" "I'd rather not say..." you say looking away.
  15. "Please...I-I won't hurt the person. I really can't. I just want to know who isn't getting Christmas present from me this year." he says with a small laugh. Your not laughing. "Lucas...this is a serious matter. It really isn't a good time to be joking around." "Just tell me." he looks into your eyes. You haven't seen those beautiful glass green eyes in such a long time. You give in, "It...it..." you can't bear to say it. "It was Joseph!" you say as fast as you could. Lucas smirks, "I knew it..." he says drifting off to sleep.
  16. Silent tears stream down your face. Lucas' eyes flutter open. "Hey, girl...you do know best." he goes back sleep. You try to slip past his door without disturbing his innocence. You go to the front desk and ask exactly what's wrong with Lucas. They tell you even with all the broken bones and the swollen skin, the real thing that has damaged him is not being able to be with his loved ones. You think about all the things he's told you. You wonder if he's really loves you. You walk back to his room and whisper something in his ear. You pray to God that he hears you and understands.
  17. When you walk out of the hospital your cell-phone rings. "Hello?" you say getting in your car. "Hey sexy girl." You feel insecure. "Uhum...do I know you?" "You know me. But I know more about than you want me to know." "Excuse me?" "Let's just say the night we spent together was an amazing time. You have amazing skills." "What? Skills in-" "We don't have to get into that subject, now do we?" "Yes we do!" you start panicking and you yell. "Hey babe! If you didn't want to..you know...with me, you should of just stayed a-way." he yells back. You lower yours, "I...I..." You get in your car. And drive and drive. "Have to promise you'll do one of these two things." "Hmm...what's in it for me?" "I'll..do anything you want..." "Alright..." "Either you admit you've been lying or, you tell me this is just how you always have been." "Ha! Hell no!" he hangs up. You look down. As you're driving, you have no idea where you're going, as long as it's away from here. Your eyes fill up with tears and your eyes sight becomes blurry.
  18. You try to clear up your vision by rubbing your eyes. You become so distracted, you don't realize your car is going out of control. "AHH!!" you yell. You try to control the car but it just keeps swerving back and forth across the street. The car swerves into a ditch. Your body feels like it's floating and you get knocked out. You have no idea where you are, and so does everyone else.

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