which guy will you fall for part 2

hey guys heres part two! part one was the first quiz i ever made so im getting used to these but still learning! there is alot of reading in this one but alot is revealed.

all five of these guys care about you which makes your decision even harder! don't worry, eventually every guy will show you affection. its just a matter of time.

Created by: Marissa
  1. "your mother and father were requested to team up and catch a group of murderers who were planning to attack Washington D.C. but what they were going to do was unknown." Steve said, he continued. "the investigation went on for weeks and your parents managed to figure out the plot of this attack."
  2. Now ryan spoke. "the group was going to split up and go in the white house disguised as security guards; each having different jobs." "some would block all exits so no one could escape, others would cut off all power and communications, and the leader... well he went for the president" dylan explained. "the day finally came," matt started to say. "nobody expected it, not even your parents. They were both at the white house. Your dad with the president and your mom working tour guides to watch out for suspicious activity. everything happened to quickly. the lights were cut and the chaos began. shrieks and screams filled the white house. the leader of the group snuck into the the room where you father and the president were. your dad saw him and was only able to tell the president to run. Your old man went down with 1 fatal shot to the head but the president escaped through a secret passage. Your mom was found shot 3 times. twice in the chest and once in the head."
  3. everybody sat in silence as you soaked in all of this information. "your parents died heroes ___________" rob said. "two of the most dedicated and loyal people this world has ever known. They went down in honor. the funeral was huge and all though you were crying, you managed to give a beautiful speech."
  4. "then why don't i remember any of this!" you shout almost in tears. "because your memory was erased for your protection" ryan said. "that locket you're wearing now, do you know who gave it to you and when you got it?" you respond "my aunt told me that a couple days before my parents died my mom gave it to me and said to always wear it and never take it off because it was very valuable." "got that right" ryan says. "that tiny combination lock on the back opens it and inside is not a picture but words and number codes to where the government keeps its most important and secret documents and treasures. now the people who killed your parents are after you and if they get that locket..." ryan trailed off so steve spoke up. "all 5 of us were your parents most trusted advisors and now we are making sure that you stay alive and that group of murderers gets killed." you could see steve get tense as he spoke.
  5. you grasp your locket and ask "do any of you know the combination?" then dylan responds "no only you knew it but now your memory is gone so we're hoping that either someday somehow you'll remember it or we can crack the code." after that you decide to call it a night and give each guy a hug while thanking them for explaining everything to you.
  6. you go to sleep but your dreams aren't plesant. you have a nightmare about your parents' death, you can only imagine what happened.Ryan comes running in from across the hall wearing a muscle shirt and sweats and wakes you up, he sounds really worried. "____________ are you ok? what's wrong? you were screaming." you respond "oh i was? sorry, i was having a nightmare about the day my parents died." you sit up and ryan sits down next to you, gives you a hug and says "its ok. you're safe now, everything will be fine." He pulls back a little and gives you a kiss on your forehead. still holding you, he asks "do you want me to stay here until you fall asleep again?"
  7. you say yes because you don't want to be alone. you lay down and ryan lays right beside you and strokes your arm and whispers "it's ok." you have another dream and constantly see the number 8. you wake up and put the weird night aside and you realize that ryan's arm is around you. he must have fallen asleep before he got up to go back to his room. he wakes up and says "oh sorry i didn't mean to stay here the whole night." you respond "thats ok i don't mind."
  8. the two of you walk out of your room to go get some breakfast. matt is standing right there at your doorway. ryan walks away but you stay there. matt looks upset. "what was that all about?" he asks. he looks like he is about to burst into tears which is odd because you never see him anywhere near this.
  9. "matt its not what it looks like, i had a nightmare and ryan came to see what was wrong and he stayed until i fell asleep but he also fell asleep before he went back to his room." "i can't believe this. _________ i'm...." he starts to say. "you're what?" you ask. matt turns so that your back is towards the wall and he's facing you. he puts his hands on the wall so you are in between his arms. "i'm still in love with you." he explains, "we started dating a little over a month before your parents died and after you had your memory erased i was determined to get you back because you were the best thing that ever happened to me. and when i saw you and ryan, well that just broke my heart."
  10. "i'm sorry, i had no idea" you tell him. he says "i know and it sucks but you at least have to remember this." matt gives you a long kiss then he asks "anything?" "no sorry, no memories." matt looks even more dissapointed because now it's guna be even harder to get you back. matt says "ok at least i tried. cmon we got a big day ahead of us, lets go find everyone else." he puts his arm around you and you guys walk downstairs.
  11. your day has been full of non-stop self defense classes with experts that the guys hired. you argued that you wanted them to teach you but they said that the experts could prepare you more and teach you alot better than they could. after dinner, dylan comes up to you. "hey __________ do you wanna come watch the sunset with me?" you tell him yes because you figure it would help you relax after this exhausting day and you get some alone time with dylan. He smiles and holds your hand. the two of you walk out together and you go out to a small lake that is a short walking distance from the house. you and dylan sit down side by side. "the sunset is so pretty" you tell him. "just like you" dylan says. you look at him and smile "aww thank you!" you give him a hug and he says "i know i'm probably not the first person to tell you this but i really like you. from the first moment i saw you i fell in love." "i don't know what to say, everybody seems to love me, its guna be hard deciding between you guys." you say and he tells you "well take your time." you appriciate that he's being so patient so you give him a kiss on the cheek. you guys talk for hours even though the sun had already disappeared. you two have alot in common, you like the same music, you have the same opinions on different subjects, and you both love subjects.
  12. after all the talking you two say goodnight and go to sleep. alot is going through your mind and you have no idea what to expect for tomorrow. so who are you falling for?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall for part 2