Which will fall for you part 36

Hey everyone, welcome to (FINALLY) part 36 of which will fall for you! I'm sorry it took so long..I was on the east coast for the first time with my choir, and we were touring..hectic scedule! ^^ I've decided I'm going to move to new york someday :)

Anyway, a recap...Demitri made Miku shoot you, but he resisted enough to stop from killing you instantly. Instead, you were just wounded, but since the bullets from Miku's gun are harmful to demons and gifted, you were in bad shape. Hannah led you and Miku back to the others, where Serene healed you. Please enjoy!!!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. "____?" You open your eyes and squint into the dim light "____!" You blink and shapes swim in front of you before materializing. In front of you is [____], and everyone else is gathered around. "____..." [___] smiles, his eyes filled with relief. You smile and reach out and he pulls you close.
  2. Wrapped in his embrace, you feel safe and warm. You don't want to let go, but you pull away anyway. "Is everyone okay?" You ask, looking at everyone's tired but hopeful faces. Serene nods. "You had the most serious injury, from that bullet." You glance at Miku, but he won't meet your eyes. You stand and look around. You're standing in a long purple tunnel, the lighting dim, the ceiling high and walls wide apart. The floor is black and white stone. In some places on the walls are paintings. There's one right where you are of a weird butterfly, and you realize that that must have been the hidden door you exited the hall of mirrors from. You stare into the unknown place this hall leads. "Well..let's get going."
  3. Everyone heads down the purple hall, each step clicking slightly on the stones. No one speaks. You glance at your friends. Hannah runs a hand through her short hair, looking grim but smiling when she catches your eye. Miku taps a finger on his leg like he's playing piano. Anthony's brow is furrowed like he's thinking hard. Tanner saunters along, a sarcastic smile still playing on his lips. Mark brushes hair out of his eyes, every movement catlike and graceful, while Carter walks next to him, hands shoved in pockets. Serene catches your eye and smiles kindly. You smile back, then look forward into the tunnel.
  4. Suddenly, you hear a loud screeching noise behind you that sounds like metal rubbing on stone. You glance over your shoulder and see the walls start to close in, dragging against the stone floor. "RUN!" You scream, breaking into a sprint as the walls begin to close in. You glance at the now rapidly approaching wall and are horrified to see that everywhere little insects that look like spiders with black butterfly wings are popping up. You start to sweat as you push yourself to run faster, the little insects fluttering their wings and opening their mouths, revealing huge fangs, as the rest of the group runs close behind.
  5. "What are those things?" Serene yells over the click of their fangs as they flap their wings lazily, still sticking to the wall. You run harder, the walls only a few feet away from you on either side now. They're writhing with insects. Carter calls out despretly from behind you, "Anthony! I can save us!"
  6. There is a pause as Anthony clenches his fists tighter, still running hard. Finally, voice tight, he allows, "...Okay. Be careful." Carter abruptly stops. You slow and turn around. "Carter!!" You scream. He doesn't answer. You watch as he takes out a knife and makes a long slit down his arm, starting at the top of the forearm and extending into his palm. "____!" Anthony calls, but you can't tear your eyes from Carter.
  7. Someone grabs your wrist and starts to drag you, but you still are staring at Carter. Horror blocking your throat, you watch helplessly as Carter slowly licks the line of blood. "Weapon Blood, Activate!" He yells, the blood on his arm dripping onto the floor. There it solidifies into a dark red crystalline blade. You watch as he picks up the blade and holds it horizontally. "Stronger!" He yells, and the blade grows thicker and darker as more blood drips from his arm.
  8. "____! Run, NOW!" Hannah screams. You can't move, however, and you stare as Carter lodges the blade between the walls, where they grind to a stop. The blade crushes some of the black butterfly-spiders, causing the other insects to hiss and click as they bat their wings in protest. "I can only hold it for a little while!" Carter calls. "Get out while you can- these things like blood!"
  9. You turn around and begin to run as hard as you can, not allowing any tears to pass as you glance back and see the spider things skittering along the blood blade and up Carter's arms, who still holds the walls apart, eyes sqeezed tight shut. You turn back and focus on running. You keep running for what feels like forever, your mind in shock.
  10. You feel like you've been running for forever when you see a door. Its small and black and sticky. You reach to turn the knob just as the walls groan and start to scrape along the floor again. You don't think about what this means- you just open the door and throw yourself in after the others, not knowing what's in store for you.
  11. That's all for part 36! Thanks for taking, and especially thank you for waiting so patiently, as always. I made you wait almost three weeks...I'm so sorry -___- I've been so busy. I hope you enjoyed it, and it was worth the wait ^^ see you next time, and remember to tell me what you thought in the comments!

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