Which will fall for you part 37

Hello everyone and welcome to FINALLY, part 37 of which will fall for you! Thanks for waiting so long, everyone- summer is a busy time.... ^^ I hope you're all having a great summer!

To quickly recap...cos its been so long...you made it out of the hall, after carter sacrificed himself- and now you find yourself at yet another door. What is behind it? Let us find out, ne...

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You emerge from the door and instantly bring your sleeve to your nose, gagging as the stench hits your nostrils. You see everyone else having the same reaction and look around the room to find the source of the smell.
  2. The room is small and cramped. The ceiling and floor are white but the walls are painted a pale blue. There's a small white table in the middle. On the table sits a vanilla cupcake with baby blue icing. Written on the icing with little white dots are the words 'eat me.' You start towards it and stagger back as the stench becomes unbearable.
  3. "What do we do?" Asks Serene. Hannah bites her lip. "I think we should eat it," she says hesitantly. Anthony chews on the inside of his cheek as Tanner yells, "Are you kidding?! What if it's poison or something?!" Miku inhales shallowly. "Well," he says hesitantly, "We've come this far, and it looks like the only way out could be here." You nod. "He's right." You bravely walk up to the cupcake, all the while holding your breath. You dig one finger into the frosting. It feels slippery and like its full of chunks of something. You shudder involuntarily but force yourself to lick your finger. You gasp at the metallic taste and the sudden burning in your nose and throat.
  4. Everyone grabs for a piece of the cake. You watch, unable to speak as they all force down the vile substance. Your eyes begin to burn and water and you can barely make out the others beginning to react as well. Then, suddenly your eyes cloud over, causing you to blink rapidly. A strange sensation overtakes you, like you've been spinning. Your stomach churns. You feel like you're about to throw up.
  5. Then all of a sudden you jerk to a halt and your eyesight slowly clears. You blink and see that you are in a giant- GIANT-room. The ceiling is too high for you to see. A few hundred yards on either side of you are stone pillars, placed about ten yards apart from each other. Everything is painted purple. You hear the others land behind you but you're distracted by a faintly glowing box across the room.
  6. Its made of glass, and somehow light gently spills from it. And in it...at first you can't believe your eyes. You begin to walk toward the box, zombie like, like your legs have a mind of their own while your brain is in shock. As you draw closer you break into a run, sprinting as hard as you can towards the box.
  7. You reach it and skid to a stop, trembling a little. Shakily, you reach out a hand to touch the figure of a girl floating peacefully, like she's sleeping, but your fingertips only reach hard, cold glass. Tears well up in your eyes as you drop to your knees, staring at her face and arms and legs, where the perfect skin is marred by thick black scars. Long black hair cascades down her shoulders. But the one thing you want to see is hidden behind thin eyelids and thick black bangs. Tears stream down your face. Your teeth dig into your bottom lip. Where were those firey purple eyes?!
  8. "____..." Anthony's hand is on your shoulder. You turn to him. His eyes are earnest. "She's still alive- we can still save her." You shake with angry sobs. "Wh-what did they DO to her?!" You scream, pointing violently to the black scars that lace her body.
  9. "Hmm, what indeed..." Your head snaps up and your lips twist into a snarl as Demitri walks out from behind a pillar, leaning against it nonchalantly. From the other side of the hall you hear a slicing noise and see Amelia sitting cross legged, sharpening her knives. She smiles at you. You notice she has a bandage wrapped around her chest. Then out skip those creepy twins, holding hands. "It's you!" They say in unison, blue eyes huge.
  10. A slow, echoing clap fills the silent room. Your chest seizes up and your heart begins to pound. You pull yourself to your feet as a figure slowly materializes in the middle of the room, not ten yards from you. When its fully formed, its like you're looking in a mirror. True, the girl looks a little older, and there's a strange air about her you can't place, but other than that she could be your twin. Her eyes are hidden by long bangs, but you get the feeling that you don't want to see what's in the shadows. The figure laughs, smoothing down the material of her long white dress and touching the white ribbon around her neck. She runs a hand through long hair and smiles at you sweetly. "Finally, you're here!" Her voice is sweet and musical, girlish and cute. You can't jerk your eyes away from you. "B-bea..." You whisper. She smiles wider, eyes still hidden. She reaches out a white gloved hand to you and smiles happily. "Dear sister...welcome home, lovely."
  11. Alright...I do believe that's one of the biggest cliffhangers I've ever left ^_^". I hope you liked the quiz and please comment to tell me what you thought.

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