just a who will you fall for quiz part 4

Hello! welcome to part 4! You should thank me! I made this faster than usual. I really hope you guys are enjoying this series. See? Mine is different. It has no weird super powers, or any of that other crap! Just you being a normal teenager! Whoo! Well yeah, thanks for taking this quiz.

In this one, they'll be a little trouble happening. I know, It's a horrible thing, but it's part of the story I started not too long ago. There are only twelve questions including the age and gender questions, but the paragraphs are long.

Created by: Hazdam
  1. As the sun is setting Joseph grabs your hands. "You know we've been friends for a long time, right?" "Yeah..." "And we've been really close." "The closest ever! We've been friends even befor pre-k! Why are you telling me this? You don't think I've forgotten have you?" you ask. He shakes his head. "No! Of course not! I just testing you." He gives you a nervous smile. You give him a smirk. "That's it. That's what you wanted to tell me?" "No! The real thing is- " He get's cut off. "_____! Over here!" Your eyes pull away from Joseph. It's Lucas! He's running toward you and Joseph.
  2. "_____!" Lucas budges right past Joseph. Joseph losses his balance and falls right into the water ! He swims to the surface gasping for air. Lucas doesn't even notice. Lucas grabs your hips and pulls you close. "I've got to tell you something! It's about Jacob!"
  3. "He's coming here!" "That's it? You almost gave me a heart attack!" "He's coming to get you!" You open your mouth to say something be Lucas pulls forward and kisses you. (again) Note, your mouth is open. ;)
  4. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Joseph looking at you too. His head goes down and he walks away. You hear him mummble, "I ---- you." You can't quite make out what he really said.
  5. You turn back to Lucas. His eyes are closed and his blonde hair his swooping through the air.You get a good look at him. Just that cute baby face, but something catches your eye. It's a tatoo. It's looks like a letter 'N'. Then next to it it says. '& L'. It's Near his shoulder. It's not very big but visible to the public.
  6. You notice that you are acually enjoying this. You close your eyes again. It's been a while, he pulls away from your lips. He gives you a wink and walks away cooly. You sit their enjoying the darkness, and the coolness of the ocean. You hear steps behind you.
  7. He sits next to you. You can't really make-out his face, but he looks familiar. He grabs your hand.
  8. It sounds like he's crying. But you feel theirs a bit of anger in his tears.
  9. You lean over and give him a hug. He wipes his eyes but the tears keep spilling from his eyes.
  10. He starts to talk, "I saw everything, _____. From Joseph holding your hands, to him falling in the water, and you kissing my brother."

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