just a who will you fall for quiz part 3

Hello! welcome to part 3 sorry it took so long. i was pretty busy these few weeks so yeah. thanks for the comments and other things so yeah... please rate and comment

so recap time!!!! you just kisseed jacob and yeah. lucas is in this and blah blah blah. im really sorry i got this in so late. the next ones will be in sooner. i promise

Created by: Hazdam
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  1. When you and Jacob finish your *ahem* buissness, he starts to talk. "Umm..._____. Can I tell you something?" " Of course!" you reply. Well, don't tell my brother, but.."
  2. "I, uhh, have to go." "Is that really what you were going to tell me?" "No. But uh, you're really beutifull."
  3. "(Whatever you said)" "Umm well I really have to go. Let me help you out." "Do I have to close my eyes again?" "No. Unless I can't trust you, but that would be stupid. He leads you holding your hand through twists and turns. Weather he trusts you or not, you would never remember where you were going. When you reach the end of the forest and in his backyard, (he lives in front of a forest, cool huh?) Lucas is standing right in front of you two.
  4. "Well, well. Jacob, you can go running off like that. remember when you got lost in the park when you were four?" Jacob turns bright red. Without taking his eyes off his brother, Lucas grabbs your hand out of Jacob's grip. He leads you in the house and brings you to his room. Pulling you close he starts to make-out with you. You both get really into this. Next thing you know you're both on his bed.
  5. While you too are having "fun", you hear a knock on the door. "Lucas! Phone!" It's Jacob. He pulls from your lips and gives you a quick wink.
  6. As your sitting on Lucas' bed, Jacob walks in. "Umm hi." You give him a little wave. "I think your mom called, she says they're coming over. So you can stay for a while" You try to say something but he cuts you off. "If you want" he adds.
  7. "Can I use your phone?" "Yeah but Lucas is using it. You can use my cell." He hold out his hand. You grab it and he brings you into his room. He room is covered in posters of differnt bands. Which one catches your eye first?
  8. As your looking around his room, Jacob is looking for his phone. Your eyes head over to his desk. On the desk is a picture of a girl. She looks really pretty. Her hair is brown, straight and long. When Jacob finds his phone, he walks over to you finding that your looking at the picture. "Umm, thats just uh-" He runs over to the desk and hides the photo. "Thats no one. don't worry. Your all I think abount now." He gives you a small smile and holds out his phone. You smile at him and grab the cell phone. YOu dial the numbers and wait for an answer.
  9. "Hello?" "Hi. Can I talk to Joseph?" "This is him." "Hi Jo. It's ____. How are you?" "Okay." "Iwas wondering if you wanted to hang out tommorow? Just the two of us." Yeah, sure. Look _____, I'm sorry i lied to you. The truth is-" Ding dong! You see your parents at the door. "Uh Jo, I have to go. But you can tell me tommorrow okay?" "Uh, fine." You hang up and give the phone back to Jacob. He takes it back and leads you to the front door.
  10. "Well _____. Looks like you made a few friends!" Lucas comes walking up behind you and stands next to his brother. "Hello. I'm Jacob and this is my brother Lucas." "______. We have to go. It's late!"
  11. When you wake up, you get ready and start to walk to Joseph's house. "What took you so long? Your such a slow-poke." he teases. YOu laugh and say, "Hey are we going to hang out are are you going to keep complaining on how you wish you were his slow?" He laughs and brings you to the dock.
  12. "So what to you want to do today?" Your feet are hanging over the dock over the sea. "I dunno. Wanna dance?" You laugh and grab his hand. As you get up, your shoe falls into the waer.
  13. "Uh oh. My shoe fell into the water." "Don't worry, I'll buy you new ones!" You squeal and hug him. He spins you around and carries you to the beach store. "Pick anything you like!" You have a huge smile on your face. Which pair of shoes do you buy?
  14. You slip on your shoes of choice and do a little dance. Joseph laughs and secretly buys you a sundress that matches your shoes.
  15. You put on your dress and walk back to the dock. You gaze you into the water. The sun is setting. "Beautiful isn't it?" You hear Joseph say behind you. "It's amazing how much time goes by when you're with friends." You turn round and give him a big hug. "Thanks for everything. What were you going to tell me yesterday?" "Well don't tell anyone." "Okay"
  16. Well thats it for part 3! Sorry it's kinda long and it took me forever to make! Well who are you crushing on so far?

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