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  • just a who will you fall for quiz part 3
    Your Result: Lucas

    He's happy that he got to spend some time with you. Is it just me or is his charm starting to go away? Are you keeping your love strong, or are you testing the guys? See you in Part 4!!


    i love these quizes!!!! i'm not sure which one i like tho. keep making them, and i really want to see part 4!!!

    x aka mrlq x
  • Your Result: Jacob

    He trusts you now. He can now tell you things he can't evan tell his closests friends. You better not let his secrets slip out or his loyalty will go to someone else. See you in part 4!!

  • I love the twins .

  • um how do u get to the first two quizzes cause i tried everything and i cant find em

  • Hi I tryd the URL to part two and it doesn't worh

  • y stop there? ung>:(

    laughy taffy

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