Loved or Hated (part 9)

Yeah so you might think that this is just like the Dream Story or the Which will fall for you, but its not, its something that i totally thought of myself and is nothing like the other 2 continuous ones. Its different because i know these people, and they are really cool, maybe not Cole though lol, but anywayz, they dont know that i made this quiz and im gonna laugh when they find out. If you didnt take the 1st you'll have no clue whats goin on.

So its about these 4 guys, Tyler, Brady, Derek, and Cole. If you wanna know more then your just gonna have to take the quiz and live with it. You will not get this if you haven't taken the ones before this. Hopefully its just as addicting as the Which will fall for you. I love those, the author is ahh-mayy-zingg. COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. As I was saying. The car was shaking and you are simply spasmodic. Derek who just so happens to be sitting next to you, is trying to calm you down. He says "Calm down,_____ you're causing the car to shake."
  2. In your frustrating attempt to calm down, you get even more angered and see cars flying around outside. Next thing you know, you've passed out.
  3. You awake in a hospital bed.Your head is throbbing and you're wondering why in the world you are there when you hear something. Looking around the room only to see that there's no one there, you lie down in peace.
  4. Tyler, Brady, Derek and Cole walk into the room and don't say a word to you because your eyes are closed. None the less, you keep hearing their voices. You open your eyes and see them, but none of their mouths are moving. What do you say ?
  5. You're just lying there and the guys look at you like you've officially lost it. They all start talking at once and you hear different things than what they're saying. Derek says "I think I know what's happening to you. Guys shut up i want to see if this works."
  6. They all shut up like Derek told them to but you still hear voices. You shout out "Why am I still hearing things ?!?!?!" "I've got it!" says Derek "What do you hear my voice saying right now?" You reply "Its saying that Brady needs to get a life...." "I know what's happening to you" he says.
  7. "______, you can read minds as well as control things. You can hear what someone is thinking anytime of any day."
  8. You try to take a crack at the whole mind reading thing. You look at Tyler and hear "Such beautiful eyes." You blush and everyone is looking at Tyler who turns beet red.
  9. "Cool so I can hear anyone, anywhere?" you ask. "I don't know the limitations of your newly acquired power. But it won't drain you of any energy. So we'll have to test it out a bit. We can have a day tomorrow to try to figure out this new power." Derek says.
  10. That's all for part numero nueve (part 9 for those who dont speak spanish)! byes

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