loved or hated (part 13)

Well if you haven't taken parts 1-12 of this saga then you will have no idea what's going on here. If you aren't reading this and just going straight to the quiz cuz you can't take it anymore, then I'm letting you know now, there's a missing person at the end and I think some people might just kill me for putting it there but, that's how it is. Have fun talking the quiz.

I would really appreciate it if people were COMMENTING more often. LoL well, I'm trying to have you guys, the people taking my quizzes, actually having a part in what's going to be in the next part. I tried to use a lot of your ideas for the name and I came up with one that, in a way, combined a lot of what the name and characteristics of the new character would be. I picked one name from the list and a few characteristics. Look out cuz maybe I used what you said and put it in the quiz.

Created by: xXlovehateXx
  1. Cole points to "Derek" and tries explaining to you again. "This is not who we thought he was. He is Cronus in human form. Do you get it now ?" You slowly nod yes and start sobbing quietly to yourself. Even if you had not liked him more than a friend, you still liked somewhat liked him ! James, Tyler, Brady and Cole come around and hug you while you all mourn for the person you thought was Derek.
  2. Slowly, you all start to recover and James tells you all to go out of the room. When you ask why, he says it's because there's only one way to truly kill him, but it's quite repulsive and he doesn't want you to see what he has to do.
  3. "Wait, what are you going to do ?" you ask him eagerly. "Well I really didn't want to tell you--" you shoot him an evil look "What is it ??" you screech. "Ok ok, I;m going to try to drain his body completely of blood, that usually works." It's a good thing you have a strong stomach, cause you weren't about to leave. "Hold on, WAIT!" Cole exclaims.
  4. "It's not safe, according to what he said," Cole says pointing at "Derek" (or should I say Cronus?) "If you bloodsuckers take the blood of a Terranormal, you'll be poisoned. The poison spreads slowly, but it kills nonetheless." James pulls his head all the way back from the body and backs away quickly. "So there's no possible way that Derek, Cronus, ugh WHOEVER could be killed permanently ?" you ask worriedly. "Not as far as we're concerned. Give me a knife." Brady said. You hand him a knife and look away. You hear a disgusting squelching noise.
  5. "Uh do I even want to know what that noise was ?" you ask disgustedly. "Probably not" Brady replies while wiping the blood off the knife with a towel. Suddenly you smell the blood and get dizzy but manage to stumble out of the room conscious. Before you faint, you decide to get some fresh air. You fling open the door and sprint into a run.
  6. You run as fast as your legs can go and feel the cool breeze in your long, flowing hair. Your eyes are closed and you don't notice until you hear a rustling sound behind you. Your eyes fly open and you attempt to search for thoughts (which even without "Derek"'s training, you've learned to do all by yourself). After hearing nothing, you freak out a little and start humming to yourself. (for those who would like to know what you were humming cuz ur so OCD like that, you are humming Addicited by Saving Abel and if you have never heard that song, then go search it on YouTube !)The rustling noise returns and you turn around so fast that you didn't even realize you turned by instinct.
  7. It is exactly then that you realize that you have no idea where you are. Frantically you look around but don't see anything that you recognize. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and start running again, picturing Cole's house. Out of nowhere, your eyes fly open once again and you find yourself back in front of the house.
  8. You step back inside the house and see that none of the guys are there. You walk up the stairs and into the bathroom to change out of the sweaty clothes that you took a run in. What do you decide to change into ?
  9. After changing, you walk into Cole's room and see the guys talking in hushed tones. When you get withing earshot, they stop talking and look at you with a weird expression on their faces. "What ?"you ask "Is there something on my face ?" Tyler looks straight at you and asks "Who are you ? Do I know you ?"
  10. That's it for part 13. Sorry it took so long to make, I was really really busy with school. I'll try to make part 14 in less time that it took to make this part.

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