How hated are you?

Are you the one who everyone hates? There's few of thoose peoples, but you might be one of them? If you have noticed that people are talking about you and give you the evil black eye.. well, your in the danger zone!

Are you hated? Do you think you're hated? Do this quiz and you'll find out! In a few minutes you'll know the awful truth about you... SO DO THIS TEST!!!

Created by: Josefine

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  1. Do you hear people talk about you?
  2. Do you get "the evil black eye" often?
  3. Are you a b----?
  4. Do you need attention?
  5. Do you think you're popular?
  6. Do you try to be something that you're not?
  7. Are you a player?
  8. Do you often hear bad rumors about yourself?
  9. Do you think you're hot?
  10. Last question; do you think you're hated?

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Quiz topic: How hated am I?