Loved or Hated (part 12)

Well if you haven't taken parts 1-10 of this saga then you will have no idea what's going on here. If you aren't reading this and just going straight to the quiz cuz you can't take it anymore, then I'm letting you know now, there's a big surprise at the end and I think some people might just kill me for putting it there but, that's how it is. Have fun talking the quiz.

I would really appreciate it if people were COMMENTING more often. LoL well, I'm trying to have you guys, the people taking my quizzes, actually having a part in what's going to be in the next part. Look out cuz maybe I used what you said and put it in the quiz.

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. "Where is he? Where is Derek" you ask. Cole angrily exclaims "With his girlfriend. Of all places, he is with his goddamn girlfriend !" Your jaw drops and you cannot remember how to close it again. He says "I know, but the worst part is, she took him to the secret Headquarters of the most powerful evil Terranormals, who call themselves the Terraevils (pronounced Terr-ayy-vils). You blurt out "Wait, Derek has a GIRLFRIEND?!" Tyler looks slightly jealous and nods yes. "How do you know she's not a Terraevil or something? For all you know, she could be taking Derek to kill him or turn him into one of them!"
  2. Suddenly the lock on the front door clicks open and Derek strolls on in like nothing ever happened. "Hey guys sorry but Kianna texted me and said to meet her at the Sears Tower. So I went and she took me to the HQ. How great is that, but she said to keep it a secret and no one can know." he says. After seeing the look on your face, he says "She's a undercover agent for us. We just happened to hook up." You glare at him and he nervously looks at you. The book on the table gravitates upwards and at the speed of light, flies towards Derek's head. It hits him, while James and Brady try to stifle a laugh but end up cracking up.
  3. "Oh my god, Derek Maddigon, you do NOT have a girlfriend and then kiss me behind her back ! Some one tell me now where the hell his girlfriend lives. I am gonna find that girl and tell her he's a cheating bastard." You turn to Tyler and say "Where the hell does this Kianna chick live Tyler?" Tyler immediately turns to Derek and says "Yeah Derek tell her where Kianna lives." "Well, I don't know where she I mean...yeah," he says quietly.
  4. "How in the mofo hell do you not know where your own girlfriend lives! I cannot believe you. Cheating on your girlfriend, I never would have thought that you were that kind of guy." He reaches over to you and you practically shriek "Don't touch me!!!" He backs away slowly like he'd been electrically shocked. In your rage and frustration, your eyesight gets blurry and you start to see everything in red. Things around you start moving really quickly into a whirlwind of flying objects heading straight towards, you guessed it, Mr. Derek Maddigon.
  5. Tyler, Brady, James, and Cole are trying to calm you down so that you don't hurt Derek and regret it later. What's really bugging you is why Derek isn't using his fire power against you when you have a whirlwind of stuff headed straight towards him. That ironically somewhat slows down the whirlwind. James is literally screaming at you to stop the whirlwind, so you don't regret KILLING Derek. The red haze disappears from in front of your eyes and the whirlwind of stuff simply drops to the ground. You stumble backwards because you can't see Derek. "OhMyGod" you say in a voice barely audible,"I killed him. No, this can't be happening. I can't have killed him." You keep silently babbling to yourself, when Cole grabs you and slaps you out of your shock.
  6. Suddenly you start throwing the stuff (with your mind powahh)in a desperate search for Derek. As one of the many heavy objects is thrown onto the couch, you notice a foot, not a hand, but a foot. "Oh my gawsh!," you exclaim "It's his foot, his FOOT for toothpastes sake." James looks at you like you've lost it and you explain to him "My friend Kelsey is a very strong believer in not using the Lord's name in vain, so I am s'posed to say toothpaste instead." (which actually i have to do around her~xXlovehateXX)
  7. Moving on from your little explanation of "for toothpaste's sake", you pull slightly on Derek's foot but you can seem to budge him. You look towards the guys who interpret your facial expression and come to help pull on his foot. "Dayumm, what has he been eating !" James exclaims. You shoot him a look that sends "this is SO not the time". The phrase "if looks could kill" wandered through his head. Ignoring him, you start grabbing the things with your hands and throwing them backwards in hopes of unearthing Derek from the pile of junk that you had so maliciously thrown on top of him.
  8. Suddenly the things just fly out of the way revealing a body. Yet the thing is, it wasn't even Derek's body. It was A body. You had no idea who it was, but it sure wasn't Derek. "It can't be. It just can't be," Tyler says. "It can't be what ?? What is it that you guys aren't telling me ??" you ask. "How much do you know about Greek mythology ?" Brady asks you. "Just the basics. Like who's who and what the Gods and Goddesses do etc. stuff like that" you reply.
  9. "So what does Greek Mythology have to do with his disappearance anyway ?" you ask, very curiously. "Well first of all, do you know who Cronus is ?" Brady asks. Mentally thanking your History teacher, you nod yes. "Ok well, as you know Cronus was the ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father, Uranus. His wife was Rhea. There offspring were the first of the Olympians. To insure his safety Cronus ate each of the children as they were born. This worked until Rhea, unhappy at the loss of her children, tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, instead of Zeus. When he grew up, Zeus revolted against Cronus and the other Titans, defeated them, and banished them to Tartarus in the underworld." Brady semi-explained. "This is the human form of the orignial Cronus who has changed form many times over the years." Cole finished.
  10. That's it for part 12. Sorry about the cliffhanger guys. Byes guys. Comment please. I wanna know how i can make these better and what your opinion on the quiz is.

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