How Much Do You Know Fall Out Boy?

How much do you know about Fall Out Boy? Do you know them as much as i do? This test will tell the truth!!! When you finish try to get a higher score again! I Learned alot making this quiz. Good Luck!! And mabe get 100!!!

Ugh. Why do i have to do a second paragragh? I told them what this test is about already in the first paragraph!! Have fun and stuff. Ps my fav song by fall out boy is Grand theft auto/where is your boy tonight. Well enjoy the quiz anyway.

Created by: Hazdam
  1. First of all, who started fall out boy?
  2. Where did fall out boy get their name?
  3. Which member has a rug made out of barbie hair?
  4. Which song is this line from? "what did it ever do to me" I say (i say, i say, i say)
  5. who is the lead guitarist?
  6. What year was andy born in?
  7. whats the name of petes record lable?
  8. Which artist is patrick obsessed with?
  9. True or False Everybody in the band is from Illinos
  10. What is Joe's guitar spinny-thing called?
  11. How many song in total does fall out boy have not including b-sides as of July 2009?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Fall Out Boy?