How random are you!!!!

There are many people in the world who are random like that drug additcted banana your about to stuff in your fat cat's mouth so take the challenge. If not then your grandmother will fall into a Zelda game and do the macarana

So how random are you? there are 4 levels: -Random much (da best) -Come again (da second best) -Beginning to fall asleep (da terd best)and -soooo.... (da worst)

Created by: Carly
  1. 1+1=
  2. what is the color of your hair
  3. Your friends think that when you grow up you will be
  4. If you give a speech people,
  5. Who do you think should be president
  6. Green reminds you of:
  7. Life is to death as:
  8. Bonjor means hello in what language?
  9. What color is Grant's white horse
  10. Who was burried in Grant's tomb?
  11. Your definition of marriage is

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Quiz topic: How random am I!!!!