Which will fall for you part 38

Hey everyone, welcome to part thirty eight of which will fall for you. I can't believe that there's this many parts...thanks for being so patient and waiting forever for this part. I do try to get them out, but you know...life happens. Thanks for understanding.

Last time, you finally saw Bea...and she looks just like you. What will happen? Is the fight about to start? Or will you make Bea explain some things first? We'll see. Thanks for taking and waiting, please remember to comment. Thank youuu.

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. There's so much you want to say, but your voice is stuck - you can't say a word. Bea laughs and her black eyes bore into you, like she knows exactly how confused you are. "Silly little sister! Why do you hate me?" She pouts. "It's not like I've killed any of your friends yet." She snaps and Carter appears on the floor at her feet, bound and bruised and looking more than a little confused, but otherwise unhurt. Relief floods you. "See? I'll even let him fight!" The bonds dissolve and Carter's eyes widen. He rubs his wrists and exchanges glances with the rest of the group. Bea smiles, tounge poking between her teeth. "SO cute, don't you think?"
  2. "Look, I'll even free your other friend. The Wind Singer." You hear something cracking behind you and you turn to see the huge glass box shatter and crash to the ground, Violet among the pieces. You run to her, not caring if Bea were to attack you from behind, only thinking of your friend. Bea chuckles. "Reckless, are we? Well, whatever. I fight fair, I won't surprise attack you." She tilts her head. "In a coule minutes she'll wake up and then she can tell you herself how she gave herself those scars." You note again those huge black scars and messy stiches. You glare at Bea, who holds up her hands like she's innocent. "I swear I didn't touch her. She did it all herself."
  3. You turn to Bea, confused and angry, clutching Violet. "I don't get it." Your voice shakes a little. "Why are you doing this? Why give us advantages? What are you planning?!" Bea just smiles. "Sweetie, isn't it obvious? Even with Carter, Miku, Tanner, Serene, Violet, Mark, Anthony, and you...you're still not a match for me."
  4. "Wait...you forgot Hannah..." You say suspiciously. Realization dawns on you as you see the wide smile spread across Bea's face. Your head whips around to see Hannah, but she won't look anywhere but the floor. Anger floods you, makes you unreasonable. "TRAITOR!" You scream, pointing an accusing finger at Hannah. "You betrayed us all!" Hannah slowly raises her eyes to meet yours, and you're surprised to see only resignation and blankness in her stare. "______, you know..." she says quietly, walking to Bea. "I don't have a choice. She's my mom."
  5. Somehow you're not surprised, or maybe you thought about the possibility before? But now is not the time to reminisce. You glare at the two of them as Violet stirs in your arms. Your attention shifts to your friend. "Violet?" you ask hesitantly. She opens her eyes halfway. "Urhmmm..." She turns over, then pushes herself into a sitting position. She surveys the room, then her eyes meet Bea's, who's smirk widens even further. Violet's mouth curls into a snarl and she hisses. Bea seems pleased; Hannah flinches as the death glare pierces her too. Violet stands up easily and glances down at you, still on the floor. "Get up, ______. We've got a battle to win." She smiles a little and you can't help but smile. You stand and join the others.
  6. "Hey, not so fast," Bea complains. She smiles sweetly. "____, I have an offer for you." Instantly the hall is filled with loud protests and yells. Bea sighs. "OI! LISTEN!" shouts someone from the corner, and you all turn to see a very annoyed looking Amelia. Bea nods. "Thank you, Amelia." The hall falls into dead silence. You glance at the Kuros. They vary between amused (Demitri) and impatient (Amelia). You turn back to Bea calmly. "What's the offer?"
  7. That wide smile is back on Bea's face. "Join me, _______. Ah," She cuts you off before you can even open your mouth - "Listen. As sisters, we could do great things. You could have the world. Everything. Freedom. Power. No guilt at all." She smiles more. "And if you accept, I'll let every single one of your friends go free, without me harming them."
  8. "Why should I trust that you'd keep your end of the bargain?" you insist. Bea shrugs. "You just have to. If you say no, you're all going to die here. What do you choose?" She seems amused, like a cat toying with a mouse. Hannah's eyes are warning, but, as you note with contempt, she's not to be trusted anyway. Everyone's eyes are on you. Should you betray everyone and ensure their safety? Or should you condemn everyone to an almost certain death?
  9. "If," you say slowly, noting every set of eyes on you, "if I came with you..." You look around at everyone there - your friends and your adoptive family - and [_____].... "Then it'd just end up that we'd have to kill each other someday..." You turn back to Bea. "I choose to fight by their side, for the cause we believe in, even if we die trying!" You smile and can feel everyone's smiles around you, and meet [_____]'s proud eyes. Bea looks disapponted.
  10. "Tch. How selfish." Bea narrows her eyes, dropping the sweet act. "Fine. KUROS!" In an instant, all four of them and Hannah are behind her, tensed and ready. She grins at you as you draw your sword and you smile sweetly back. "ATTACK!"
  11. That's all...I'm sorry it was mostly talk, but I hope it didn't bore you, and be sure that next time, the real fight will begin! thanks for taking, remember to comment.

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