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  • I guess that we'll start the second part now. =P

    Episode 1 part 2: All 12 contestants make a circle to get ready for "Truth Or Dare." Since Nessie14, Starfire3, Tinamusa and Nessie14 didn't write up a Truth Question or Dare Challenge, they all will be disqualified from the challenge. Anyways, Anastasia dared Cuddles to go ask a guy out that she likes from her school. She did so, and she did a good job! Later on, 4 contestants were left in the challenge: Anastasia, X_Struckdumby_X, Whawha and Cuddles. X_Struckdumby_X dared Whawha to sneakily add itching powder in Anastasia's panties. She did so, but she failed. Cuddles asked X_Struckdumby_X a question: "If you had been walking on a sidewalk and found a wallet of $10,000 and a box of 5 leftover slices of pizza, which would you choose?" X_Struckdumby_X said Pizza and Cuddles handed her a box full of revolting looking pizza. X_Struckdumby_X ate it, but failed. Later on, we had a winner: Anastasia! Yay! She wins immunity and is safe from elimination!

  • Uh...I think you meant "add itching powder to Anastasia's panties", X_Struckdumby_X. =P Mine's a truth. =) here we go with the question, you guys! =):

    "If you are walking down a sidewalk and you suddenly spot a wallet full of $10,000 or a box of 5 leftover slices of pizza on the floor, what will you choose?"

    I'd say that's an interesting question. ;)

  • That's Right! Here's Episode 1:

    The 12 arriving girls get out of the limousine with their luggages. I paired each 3 of them in 1 out of 4 bedrooms:

    #1 - Cuddles, Anastasia, Tinamusa
    #2 - Whawha, BigGirl, Nessie14
    #3 - MCALover, Starfire3, X_Struckdumby_X
    #4 - PandaPal, Wiggy, SpeedyTiger.

    The next morning, the girls wake up to their challenge:

    You're task is to comment a Truth question or Dare Challenge. Good Luck! This is for part 2 of episode 1: "Truth or DARE?!"

  • Hey everyone. Soooo sorry. Ap chem is one nasty devil.

    I'm really busy which is why its taking so long. I know.. *hides* but I'll try to write it...uh...this week...and type it this weekend. Hopefully I can do it. Thank you all for being soso patient.

    And ryu, what do you mean by 'improve'? I love to have criticism...you mean have better cliffhangers? Or stop having them? lol...

  • Episode 1 part 3: I told the 11 contestants that I had 11 golden keys on this machine. When I take a key out and call someone, the safe person can take out another key from the machine and call another contestant and make them safe, and so on. I take out a golden key and it goes to: "Whawha." Whawha takes out a golden key and she gives it to: "Cuddles." Cuddles takes out a golden key and she gives it to: "PandaPal." PandaPal takes out a golden key and she gives it to: "Wiggy." Wiggy takes out a golden key and she gives it to: "SpeedyTiger." SpeedyTiger takes out a golden key and it goes to: "X_Struckdumby_X." X_Struckdumby_X takes out a golden key and it goes to: "MCALover." MCALover takes out a golden key and it goes to: "Tinamusa." Tinamusa takes out the last golden key and it will go to either Nessie14 or Starfire3. She then gives it to...

    "Nessie14. " Starfire3 was eliminated and she packed her bags and went home.

  • =P I heard me, Cuddles, X_Struckdumby_X, PandaPal, Wiggy and SpeedyTiger will post fast about what BigLoserGirl wants us to do.

    I don't like to be vain about dares, so mine's a truth. Here it is:

    "If you had to choose to kiss between a nerd that picks his nose alot, or a nerd that picks at his belly button, which one of those revolting weirdos will you have to smooch with?"


  • Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven't responded for a while. Anyways, the 12 contestants that will be on "The Ultimate Survival" will be:

    1. Cuddles
    2. Nessie14
    3. MCALover
    4. Tinamusa
    5. Anastasia
    6. Starfire3
    7. BigGirl
    8. Whawha
    9. X_Struckdumby_X
    10 . PandaPal
    11. Wiggy
    12. SpeedyTiger

    Cong ratulations if you are on the list! =) The show will start on Friday. Good luck!

  • Oh, just so you know you guys,me, X_Struckdumby_X, Cuddles, BigGirl and BigLoserGirl got 1 more show. Here are the titles:

    BigLoserGi rl - Are You Uglier Than Her?, The GotoQuiz Stimulation

    BigG irl - Total GotoQuiz Island, The GotoQuiz Strategy

    Cuddles - Cuddles' Full House, The Makeover Gallery Show

    X_Struckdum by_X - Candy Of Love, X_Struckdumby_X's next Top Model

    CrazyGoneW ild (Me) - The Ultimate Survival, Show Off Your Skillz

    The 12 contestants that were chosen to be on my show are actually chosen to be on BigLoserGirl's show: The GotoQuiz Stimulation.

    Sor ry, I made a mistake. =(

  • Thanks tinamusa! Aw yeah nessie what's up? Yeah I've been busy too all week. Biology and Algebra are killing me lol. I also had to go to a army party last night with my mom and dad. Hopefully now I can have a restful weekend. :)

  • Happy birthday pixystixlove94! Sorry if I'm a bit late lol.

    I've been pretty busy at school and I'm so glad it's the weekend finally. Hope everybody's doing great! =)

  • Hey you guys! Oh my gosh high school is killing me LoL! Too much homework and exams! Anyway it's nice to be back again. Can't wait for part 39 xxdarkxx! Wow 39 parts! That's awesome! :D

    Wait itching powder in my panties? 0.0 Well I guess I need to buy new underwear this weekend LoL

    Mine will be a dare: I dare you to go up to the guy you like in school and ask him out!

  • Yeah, I know...this is sometimes neglected over school. I'm sorry. I'd be really impatient too.

    If you want to, you can blow up my school! Then you'll have it much quicker ;) *grins* just kidding.

  • I'm really a girl,but awesome series. Infinite stars out of five.No offense,but you gotta improve on the cliff hanging thing.

    Ryu Hayabusa
  • oh, nothing;s wrong, i was just upset that might not get to the movies! =P and anyway i wound up going last night, but the movie wasnt too great. yeah, i was just annoyed at the load of homework i had, but i got it all done and i was stress free for the day! lol, thanks for your concern though!

  • Hello!
    HEY! Ur soo sneaky lolzz

    too bad i m out even before i started it. i m kinda busy too. really sorry

    hope everytings going great
    Belated happy bday Panda Pal!
    cant wait fot the new quiz!!!

  • xD Wow. Mine's a dare because I LOVE to see people do funny challenges. Here's my dare:

    "I dare you to prank comment somebody here on GoToQuiz and tell them that they should eat they're underwear to win $500,000."


  • I'm writing part 39 right now!

    Its kind of longer to make up for such a long wait.

    But its a battle...so...it is a little gory. Not too bad I don't think but in case you don't like that? I think you can all handle it tho...lol. Anyway. Just wanted to give an update.

  • yeah, same here. im in a two advanced classes and most of my other classes arent much fun, i have a ton of homework every day :/. this weekend is amazing cuz i really need to just relax. seems like school has been stressing everyone out this year

  • WEE!!! It's my B-day, you guys! =D Anyways, Mine's a truth. here it is:

    "If you love a handsome guy at school and you want to buy him a present between a $1,000 box of chocolates or $5,000 bouquet of flowers, what will you choose?"

  • hey guys. um, if the next part comes out and i dont comment, its cuz i have sooo much school work. i understand now, xxdarkxx! highschool is brutal with all this work. i mean, my science prep teacher gives more hw per day than my honors teachers! its crazy! anyway, here's a random word of the day: cantalope

  • WOW! This is getting even more complexing! Can't wait for #39! We should probably start a Which Will Fall For You anniversary for getting this far! xD

  • whoah!!!!! i thought we would have pages and stuff for me to read i guss cus summer is over now nothing has really happed with me excpert i fainted possibly and my best guyfriend all asked me out in the same day yeah irony and carma and carmice energy all hate me is quite sad

  • im doin fine, maybe a little tired
    my birthdays tomorrow :D
    but i also have 2 or 3 tests tomorrow.. lol
    great birthday present..

    ah i got to get back to my homework and studying D:

    not fun lol

    *wipes sweat from brow*
    I'm sosososo sorry that I took forever.

    http: //[no urls] .com/which _will_fall_for _you_part_39

    I really hope you like it ^^have fun!

  • Nessie14, Tinamusa, MCALover and Starfire3, hurry up and post your truth question or dare challenge! The challenge will start on Wednesday! =O


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