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  • "@Cordelia I don't know if we've talked before. You seem young. Don't throw away your life."
  • honestly, life is a game
    "Of course, Lulu. I truly care about you, and I hate seeing that you're suicidal. I know what it's like looking for a real reason to go on li..."
  • Things I Never Knew
    "Still have to see this movie heh"
  • "I don't want you to."
  • honestly, life is a game
    "I'm going to tell you what is on my heart. I come on here because I literally care about anyone who is depressed and suicidal. I know what t..."
  • honestly, life is a game
    "Oh yeah. I lived my life in a dark hole I couldn't get out of. Almost killed myself. If there is no purpose to life there's no reason to liv..."
  • "Depression can be healed. Without any money too. Just takes being honest with ourselves."
  • Things I Never Knew
    "Asia Bibi is free. So is Andrew Brunson. This month has been awesome."
  • "lol I noticed that too. Checked my internet, then figured it was a problem with the site."
  • Things I Never Knew
    "Ah okay. I actually already know a lot about Mormonism and Joseph Smith. I had some friends on a different forum who were Mormons. I love yo..."
  • are you happy?
    "Yes. I can honestly say yes it is possible, but four years ago I couldn't. The thing that I keep learning personally more and more is that w..."
  • Dude
    "It do So how are you guys?"
  • Dude
    "True. But when he got it... he got it. :P"
  • Dude
    "That guy drank his last coke. Not once. Twice. He thought he could have the third, but alas, tragedy struck. :o"
  • Zoboomafoo
    "Totally. Watched it all the time as a kid. Most realistic battle scenes ever."

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