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  • One letter story
  • "I haven't been so much into rap, but I kept hearing people bring up NF. Well, I looked him up. Blown away. The Search and Therapy Session ar..."
  • I dig instrumentals.
    "I hadn't heard of it before but just looked it up. I love that Americana folk sound. :3 It's nice."
  • Im genuinely curious
    "Honestly I think it's a lot like mine when I was an agnostic. I would say that everyone has to come to terms with the fact that"
  • "Danger Will Robinson!"
  • I dig instrumentals.
    "Lofi hip hop, chillhop, jazzhop, post-rock, and traditional Celtic music are pretty great."
  • I am a nursing student
    "Nice. That's an awesome goal."
  • Opinions
    "Very true. That's a great testimony. I think at the end of the day it really is a choice. I can't look at fetal development and see anything..."
  • Im genuinely curious
    "I agree with Stardust. Very good points. :3 Wrong is sin. Sin is rebellion against the holy, loving God and acts of hatred towa"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "I love God. By God I mean the God of Israel and of the Bible. He is the Creator and Designer of the Universe, the Author of truth. He is hol..."
  • Im genuinely curious
    "Eh, I wouldn't say sacrilegious. Not towards God at least. I really just got to the place of wanting to know what the God of th"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "I agree with having humbleness and confidence. The question becomes what are we confident in? If I'm humble, I can admit my own weakness. My..."
  • Im genuinely curious
    "So I would start by saying I have no interest in dead religion. If what I now believe didn't line up with reality or was built on truth, I w..."
  • Opinions
    "I think I should add something though. I'm skeptical that making laws will change things. Prohibition only causes people to wan"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "No problem. :3 That's really what my first comments on this thread were about. Let's just seek truth and see what holds up in r"

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