My GoToQuiz Friends

Here are my GoToQuiz friends. If I forgot you, please tell me in the comments. I really appreciate it that you take my quizzes!! Thanks. Enjoy forever!

If you want me to make a quiz, tell me in the comments, and if I can, I will make it. If I don't know how\can't do it, I'll tell you anc you can request another.

Created by: janeaustenfan

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  1. Broken Loner, you are my very first friend.
  2. DARK YOSHI, you're my special, special friend.
  3. UnLoving, you are my newest friend.
  4. RainInTheShadows, I loove talking to you.
  5. Mistyheart13, you are my second friend.
  6. Hephaestuschild, you're a good friend.
  7. _Magic, you're auesome!!
  8. RhodaRose, you are a good friend!
  9. DaughterOfApollo, you're great!!
  10. Anatasia, you're my newest newest friend!!
  11. New Friends go here.

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